Telestream Partners with Encompass

  • 14 June, 2021


USA: Telestream®, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing, and content management solutions for the production and distribution of video, has announced a strategic partnership with Encompass Digital Media, to provide content management and media processing for Encompass’ Altitude Media Cloud.

The Altitude Media Cloud was built specifically for the demanding requirements of the Media & Entertainment industry with a goal of bringing the cost of cloud storage more in line with traditional on-prem costs. The partnership will see Telestream providing storage content management services for archived media as well as media processing services to Encompass and its customers on the Altitude Media Cloud platform.

“We’ve had a strong relationship with Encompass for many years and this partnership represents a natural extension of both companies’ development roadmaps which will greatly benefit our combined customer bases,” said Dan Castles, CEO, Telestream pictured. “It’s truly an end-to-end solution that we are uniquely positioned to offer.”

Telestream content management and storage customers using Masstech and DIVA will be able to easily migrate their content from on-premises large LTO tape libraries or other cloud providers into the Altitude cloud, as and when required. For many companies, managing content both on the ground and in cloud will be a reality for some time. Making that process seamless to organizations is a key focus of the partnership.

Once data is in the cloud, it must be processed there as well. To do that, Telestream Cloud Services will now be available on the Altitude Media Cloud to provide cloud-native transcoding, standards conversion, color space transformation, QC, OTT monitoring, and subtitles and captioning services over the widest range of formats.

“These are proven solutions and services that we’ve had for some time. What is new is putting all of this together in a way that is specific to media companies,” says Castles. “We refer to ‘data gravity’ as the necessity of processing the media wherever it resides. The Telestream Cloud Service ensures that high quality media processing can occur, at scale, without moving the content.”

Many media companies are at various stages of migration between on-prem and the cloud. This partnership provides end-to-end assistance for customers as they seek to intelligently move their media assets. Once media arrives in the cloud, it’s critical to have all the services working seamlessly together for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

“Altitude is truly a media-centric cloud platform specifically designed for cloud-first media services,” said Bill Tilson, CEO, Encompass Digital Media. “By adding Telestream’s content management and media processing services to Altitude, customers can go all the way from archival footage to content creation, media manipulation and enhancement to delivery and broadcast completely end-to-end.”

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Telestream Partners with Encompass