TAG & Skyline Dataminer Enhance Integration

  • 11 July, 2023


Integration provides full visibility of production and distribution for complete workflow transparency & optimization.

ISL: TAG is announcing a heightened level of integration with Skyline CommunicationsDataminer. The enhancement incorporates support for TAG’s Media Control System (MCS) seamlessly into Dataminer’s media management platform increasing end-to-end visibility, automation, and control for users of TAG’s platform. The enhanced integration marks a major milestone in the long-term technology partnership between TAG and Skyline Communications, the leading global provider of end-to-end vendor and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry.

TAG’s MCS, a monitoring control and data aggregation engine, allows media companies and content owners to track signals and use an open-source paradigm to maximize visibility of their data and adjust operations for optimal growth and resource management. By seamlessly incorporating support for TAG’s MCS into Skyline’s DataMiner platform, deep and invaluable media health insights and management capabilities become available on Dataminer’s Dashboards and Apps, with alarms from both solutions visualized on the TAG advanced multiviewer display.

This integration adds a robust element of automation, control, and orchestration to the MCS’s capabilities. Providing a complete view of data and notifications aggregated by both Dataminer and TAG’s MCS in one place significantly simplifies day-to-day workflows. Operators now have simultaneous insight into the status of their infrastructure from Dataminer along with insight to the health of their content and live streams from TAG. This control and visibility into production and distribution workflows provides the data needed to keep systems running smoothly as businesses and services evolve.

“We are extremely happy to continue and strengthen our long-lasting relationship with TAG VS. Skyline has many years of experience integrating the MCM-9000 platform, now our users have the choice to interface directly with TAG’s new MCS flagship as a single point of integration,” said Thomas Gunkel,
Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications. “This simplifies deployment, configuration and comes with new capabilities to manage large-scale TAG installations. Combined with DataMiner Dashboards and APPs, a user interface can be built tailored to specific requirements and support the workflows our users need.”

“The MCS has been transformational for our customers, delivering the tools they need to gain valuable insight into their systems and design a solid growth strategy,”
said Michael DembVP Product Strategy at TAG.
“Integrating the MCS with Dataminer elevates these capabilities to a new level, providing an all-inclusive assessment of operations in real-time that can keep users ahead of the technology curve, and allow them to position their businesses for growth.”


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TAG & Skyline Dataminer Enhance Integration