Symply Unveils Workspace XE-R Family

  • 27 October, 2023


Redefines Collaborative Shared Storage Workflows with the WORKSPACE XE-R Family of Products.

USA: Symply, a leading provider of media-centric shared storage solutions, unveils the latest addition to its cutting-edge product lineup with the introduction of the Symply WORKSPACE XE-R family. Building on the resounding success of the revolutionary WORKSPACE XE desktop collaborative storage solution launched earlier this year, the WORKSPACE XE-R promises to redefine shared workflow storage capabilities while prioritising ease of use.

The WORKSPACE XE-R is available in two highly versatile configurations: a 4RU 24 Bay model and a
4RU 60 Bay variant, both offering a spectrum of storage choices, including HDD, all-flash, and hybrid storage configurations. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in collaborative shared storage solutions, offering an array of features that will transform the way media professionals work.
Key features include storage tiering, robust user and project management, seamless hybrid cloud workflows, and optional Media Asset Management (MAM) support, empowering users with transcoding capabilities, local and remote file ingest, browser-based editing, and secure content sharing.

Keith Warburton, CEO of Symply, stated: "The WORKSPACE XE disrupted the landscape of desktop collaborative storage when it was first introduced at NAB Las Vegas in 2023. Building upon the success
of that milestone, we've taken innovation to new heights with the WORKSPACE XE-R. This product delivers unprecedented throughput and configuration flexibility while preserving the unmatched simplicity that Symply is renowned for." 

One of the standout features of the WORKSPACE XE-R is its seamless connectivity through 25Gb or 100Gb Ethernet, thanks to a client-side Ethernet driver optimized for TCP/IP. This architecture ensures that the shared storage is perceived as a block-level local disk device, eliminating the unpredictability associated with network shares. As a result, these systems are engineered to deliver optimal performance across a variety of environments, including Raw 4K and 8K workflows, addressing the fundamental shared storage requirements of diverse media pipelines, including on-set production, postproduction, VFX, broadcasting, houses of worship, sports teams, and agencies.

The WORKSPACE XE family seamlessly integrates into Symply's extensive product portfolio,
which encompasses hyper-fast Thunderbolt3 shuttle RAID solutions, Thunderbolt3, SAS, and 10Gb Ethernet-connected LTO devices, in-facility and transportable S3 native private cloud storage, as well as high-performance public cloud storage with zero egress. These solutions are readily available through Symply's global network of authorized resellers, known for delivering the Symply Better experience to customers worldwide.

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Symply Unveils Workspace XE-R Family