Studio Technologies Introduces Model 201 Interpreter’s Console at ISE 2024

  • 21 December, 2023


Unit Provides Specialized Features for Simultaneous Language Interpretation Applications.

ESP: Tools for interpretation are important in today’s global AV and broadcast industries, with specialized personnel required to manage single- and multi-language feeds. This ranges from small meetings and live events to large bureaucratic organizations; any production where there is a multi-language audience. Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video, and fiber-optic solutions, is well-known for creating specialized Dante-enabled products that ease communication within the production workflow, and it’s now excited to offer a device specifically for interpretation use, the Model 201 Interpreter's Console. Making its debut at ISE 2024 (Stand CS530), the Model 201 is a Dante® audio-over-Ethernet-enabled unit that is suitable for use in single- or multi-language situations both locally or in off-site/remote applications.

The Model 201 creates a complete interpreter position and includes both standard features as well as advanced functionalities that are not typically provided by "off-the-shelf" interpretation equipment.
The Model 201 includes the ability to create two independent interpretation audio channels.
Configuration choices allow a variety of audio content to be included in the interpretation audio;
content that can be automatically muted or dimmed (reduced in level) when interpretation is active.
This is especially important for off-site or Internet streaming applications.

A dual-channel (stereo) headphone output can be configured to meet the needs of the interpreter.
This includes selecting the audio sources, channel routing, and sidetone (confidence) signal operation.
A set of buttons and rotary controls allow the user to establish the site-specific operating condition
they desire.

  • Separate interpret active and mic mute buttons allow the connected microphone to be routed
    to the desired interpretation channels as well as being momentarily muted.
  • An independent talkback function, which allows a separate audio path to be established
    from the interpreter to production personnel.
  • A slow down function, which allows the interpreter to signal to the presenter
    (the originator or "floor" source) that speaking more slowly is warranted.

While the Model 201 can be used by itself to create a simple, single-language interpretation position, it can easily become part of a multi-language, feature-rich application. By utilizing Dante technology, one or more Model 201 units can integrate with other Studio Technologies' products to achieve a sophisticated voice interpretation system.

The Model 201 provides a 2-channel (stereo) headphone monitor output that is routed to both 5-pin female XLR and 3.5 mm TRRS headset interface connectors. Two pushbutton switches and three rotary controls on the unit's front panel allow users to select their desired headphone audio sources and signal levels.
One pushbutton switch and two associated LED indicators allow direct selection of the desired monitor source, either the “floor” (the person whose text needs to be interpreted) or “relay” (an intermediate audio signal that is usually selected as an interpretation technique to support multiple languages).
Two additional Dante receiver (input) audio channels, named Aux 1 and Aux 2, can be used to
interface the Model 201 with signal sources such as audio consoles, media playback systems,
or remotely located equipment.

The Model 201’s audio quality is excellent, with low distortion, low noise, and ample headroom.
Only a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection and headset with attached microphone is required for operation. The Model 201 supports both “pro” headsets that use a 5-pin XLR connector as well as
"gaming" headsets that use 3.5mm TRRS plugs. The Model 201 is housed in a compact but rugged
steel enclosure that's intended for table-top use. Its small size makes it ideal for applications
in space-constrained locations.

The Model 201 is configured using the STcontroller software application. Available free of charge from Studio Technologies, STcontroller allows production personnel to quickly and easily configure the unit’s operating capabilities to meet an application’s exact needs. STcontroller is offered in versions that are compatible with the WinOS® and macOS™ operating systems.

Studio Technologies will also have a range of its solutions to aid integrators and a range of AV projects at ISE 2024, including its Dante leader clocks, bridges, and intercom engines, as well as announcer consoles and beltpacks.

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Studio Technologies Introduces Model 201 Interpreter’s Console at ISE 2024