Studio Technologies Introduces Model 342 Intercom Station

  • 15 December, 2022


A compact, desktop unit, the Model 342 offers a 2-channel Dante-based intercom user interface.

USA: Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video, and fiber-optic solutions, introduces the Model 342 Intercom Station, a two-channel intercom user station that supports Dante® Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) workflows. The compact, desktop device integrates seamlessly with other Studio Technologies Dante-based intercom system products to create flexible and great-sounding intercom resources. The Model 342 can be used in a variety of broadcast and live events, including education, theater, sports, entertainment, house-of-worship, corporate, and aerospace applications.

“The Model 342 provides a desktop solution for intercom applications that can benefit from two channels of talk and listen,” says Gordon Kapes, President of Studio Technologies. “Directly compatible with other Studio Technologies Dante intercom products, the units seamlessly work together and benefit from advanced performance and flexibility. The Model 342’s range of capabilities and ease of deployment, along with excellent audio quality, offers users a unique experience.”

Data and power for the Model 342 requires only a standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network connection. Hardware features include a dual-channel (stereo) headphone output, two headset connectors, integrated sidetone support, call signal receive display, and remote mic kill (“talk off”). With both 5-pin XLR and 3.5 mm TRRS headset connectors, the Model 342 is compatible with professional broadcast headsets, gaming headsets, and mobile phone earbuds. The microphone input circuitry supports both dynamic or electret microphones. The unit’s two LED-illuminated talk pushbutton switches can be independently configured. Two "push-in/push-out" rotary controls are used to set and maintain the desired headphone output level.

Using a standard Ethernet LAN, users can easily connect multiple Model 342 units to establish a party-line intercom application with an external Dante-enabled audio matrix, such as the Studio Technologies Model 5421 or Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engines. Alternatively, two Model 342 units can be used “point-to-point,” or multiple units can be interconnected with matrix intercom systems that offer Dante compatibility.

The Model 342 supports both Dante and AES67 operation and is compatible with the Dante Domain Manager™ (DDM) software application. Its Dante transmitter (output) and receiver (input) channels can be routed with other Dante-compatible devices using the Dante Controller software application. A call receive function allows Model 342 users to be alerted with a visual indication when a high-frequency audio call signal is active on a Dante receiver (input) channel. This can be useful in providing real-time cues to production and support personnel. Using the Dante Identify command, the Model 342 can be configured to turn off ("kill") active talk functions. This allows remote inactivation of unwanted microphone signals being presented to either or both intercom channels.

The Model 342 offers pro audio performance that is not found in typical party-line intercom devices. A low-noise, wide dynamic-range microphone preamplifier and associated voltage-controlled-amplifier (VCA) dynamics controller (compressor) ensures that microphone audio quality is preserved while minimizing the chance of signal overload. The dual-channel (stereo) headphone output provides substantial drive capability along with minimal noise and distortion. All audio routing, level control, and muting is performed within the digital domain.

The Model 342’s extensive range of operating parameters are configured using the STcontroller software application. Available free of charge from Studio Technologies, STcontroller allows production personnel to quickly and easily configure the unit’s capabilities to meet an application’s exact needs. STcontroller is offered in versions that are compatible with the WinOS® and macOS™ operating systems.

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Studio Technologies Introduces Model 342 Intercom Station