Studio Berlin relies on Apantac KVM over IP system

  • 05 November, 2021


GER: Studio Berlin has set new standards in German outdoor TV production with its new 24-camera UHD/HDR OB van, which was recently put into operation. The vehicle not only impresses with its generous space planning and high-quality design, but also in terms of production workflows. Especially with regards to UHD/HDR productions many innovations have been incorporated into the Ü10, which can be attributed to Studio Berlin's many years of experience in this field.

Together with Broadcast Solutions, Studio Berlin is breaking completely new ground on the concept of separating technology and production. For example; instead of all the racks of hardware being installed in the OB truck, they have been moved to the support vehicle, an approach that is unique to date. Studio Berlin and Broadcast Solutions are also committed to KVM innovation and thus implemented Apantac’s KVM over IP system. Broadcast Solutions Produkte & Service, the subsidiary of Broadcast Solutions, is the German distributor for Apantac's KVM and multiviewer solutions and supervised the implementation together with the Broadcast Solutions project team.

Flexibility of the workstations and control room in the new OB van is of upmost value to Studio Berlin.The Ü10 includes 26 workstations and a total of 39 computers with 25 user workstations were connected via the Apantac KVM over IP system.

Matthias Alexandru, Technical Manager, Studio Berlin: "The Apantac KVM over IP system is still relatively new to us. But the flexibility, the range of functions and the scalability convinced us immediately. The different productions with the Ü10 and the resulting changing workflows demand a high degree of flexibility within the OB van. Apantac's KVM system provides us with enormous scope here and the configuration is easy and quick to manage."

Since Apantac’s KVM over IP systems are IP-based, they work via a network switch that defines and interconnects computer modules or workstation modules as transmitters and receivers, rather than on the basis of a matrix with defined inputs and outputs. As the system is IP-based, the different signal formats of input and output devices are converted in the extenders and are then available anywhere in the system.

Apantac KVM over IP solutions support routing or switching of video, keyboard and mouse (HID), USB 2.0, audio (analogue / embedded), RS-232 and IR. The image processing quality has proven to be excellent, even when playing back full-screen video at full frame rate, achieving a latency of less than 17 ms. The transmitters and receivers work with Video over IP and offer extensive connectivity options (DVI, HDMI, VGA) and formats. There are several HD and 4K models available, either standalone transmitters and receivers, some with POE support, with a magnetic base for easy installation, e.g., for receivers inside consoles, or transmitter cards, up to 10 in a 2RU openGear chassis, all compatible with each other.

The switching time between computers is only two seconds. In small installations, the KVM over IP Tx and Rx (transmitter and receiver) units can be connected via point-to-point. For the Studio Berlin Ü10, the modules are connected to two switches, which are separated in the OB van and the support van and connected via four redundant 10G trunks. In addition to the KVM functionalities, Apantac KVM over IP systems can also be used to create monitor walls and multiviewers.

“With its unique approach, this project represents excellent advancement in mobile production and broadcasting,” comments Thomas Tang, President of Apantac. “Our KVM over IP solutions are contributing to this forward-looking model and we are proud to be providing solutions that can enhance agility and flexibility for our customers and their customers alike.”

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Studio Berlin relies on Apantac KVM over IP system