Sportall selects BCE’s Holovox

  • 23 February, 2022


LUX: Sportall is the marketplace for all sports rights holders who want to distribute and monetize their images, allowing fans to enjoy a personalized content offer with a large amount of free content as well as paid content offers. With Sportall, sports fan can watch free content and can subscribe to Premium offers, each dedicated to a sport with live events, replays, documentaries, interviews, and more.

Holovox is BCE’s remote voice-over solution, it is a cloud solution which empowers live events, without any investment, with multiple voice-over layers, live translation, graphic layers management and team coordination.

Providing sports content to their subscribers, it was important for Sportall to enrich their programs with live commentaries with a flexible solution. The marketplace selected BCE’s cloud-based solution: Holovox. With one administrator and three commentators accounts, Sportall can engage its subscribers from anywhere in the world.

“The Holovox system is very intuitive! The configuration or use of the system is done via a simple email, users have access to all the tools necessary to watch the event live and add their comments, the few graphic character,” explains Brice Navarro, Production Manager at Sportall.

The administrator overviews the commentators’ activities, triggers the titles, the channel and event logos and controls the pre-live graphics. The live streaming is then sent to the online video platform and distributed though a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to their website and App.

Sportall has already produced more than 80 Futsal and Rugby events with Holovox and is looking forward to continuing to offer to its subscribers enriched experiences with the Liga Nacional España (Futsal), United Rugby Championship and the Rugby Europe Championship.

With a computer, sound gears and an internet connection, the commentators have a direct access to the live streaming of the event in a dedicated web interface.

Thanks to the included cloud-based remote, which can be opened on their smartphones, the commentators can control their interactions and start commenting immediately.

“Creating emotion for live sports events is paramount. With Holovox, Sportall is now able to enrich its programs with crystal clear voice-over. We are looking forward to continue to improve their customers experience with our state-of-the-art solutions,” concludes Victorien Loiseau, Sales Associate at BCE.

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Sportall selects BCE’s Holovox