Sony announces new XVS-G1 Live Production switcher

  • 24 March, 2021


UK: Sony has introduced its newest addition to its long-standing switcher family, the XVS-G1. This new entry-level compact live production switcher developed as a next-generation platform combines the power of a new video processing engine with a modern architecture design.

Designed for live production needs, such as sports, news or entertainment programs, the XVS-G1 system is a perfect fit for the small to mid-size studio, outside broadcast vehicles, and fly-away production units. With many options, this switcher offers versatility to meet various production environments.

Norbert Paquet, Head of Live Production Solutions, Sony Professional Europe commented: ”our Sony switchers have a long history and reputation for their reliability and robustness. The new XVS-G1 is built on that legacy in a small compact and modular form and adds some must-have future-proof features such as a clip player, HDR conversion and capability amongst many others”

One of its distinguishing features is its hybrid structure which pulls together a central processing unit (CPU), a graphics processing unit (GPU), and a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). This combination delivers both highest performance and reliability, with no compromise on visual processing enhancements.

FPGA hardware enables real-time processing in  high resolution 4K(UHD), wide color gamut, high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging with an ultra-low latency. High-density, high-resolution video processing using the latest software technology provides versatility and expandability. These powerful specifications future proof the XVS-G1 system and boosts its creative possibilities.

Key features include:

• A creative and high-potential platform thanks to a modular software structure

The graphics processing engine enables multiple creative functions as it is enhanced with features like a built-in clip player and 3D digital multi-effects. The enhanced multi-viewer enables the displaying of multiple types of information such as audio level meters, and multi-layer captions overlay.

Multiple HDR format conversion options are available as well as compatibility with the Sony SR live workflow.

• Built-in clip player

The XVS-G1 system comes with an optional clip player, for the first time in a Sony live production switcher. Four channels are available in both HD and 4K(UHD) modes with each having the ability to playback clips of up to 60 minutes in duration. Widely available AVC codec files in MOV or MP4 container format are supported and back-up storage of all clips is available on the internal SSD.

Media files are easily and instantly loaded into the internal SSD storage device directly from a menu display on a PC or tablet device.

• Sophisticated operation perfectly matched to News, Sports, and Entertainment program production

The user menu is based on a newly designed web application. Quick access to the desired item is achieved by an optimised menu structure to reflect the live operation workflow and setup. Wireless operation can be achieved via Wi-Fi and a PC or tablet device, and the structure allows quick access to the desired menu.

A range of four compact control panels derived from Sony’s user-friendly ICP-X7000 series ensure simple, easy, and fast operation. The switcher inherits many features of Sony’s XVS high-end switchers and shares the same benefit of system status recognition, confidence in button-push accuracy, and speed in mission-critical live production scenarios.

The XVS-G1 will be available in Europe from Summer 2021.

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Sony announces new XVS-G1 Live Production switcher