SOMEDIA/TVSO again opts for GENESIX VideoServers

  • 28 June, 2022


AUT: SOMEDIA/TVSO is a leading family-owned media company in South-East Switzerland and one of the oldest customers of STRYME and ITcon4Media, the Austrian video server manufacturer’s exclusive partner for Germany and Switzerland. 

After eight years of uninterrupted 24/7 playout automation, the GENESIX VideoServers installed in 2013 had reached the end of their product lifecycles. SOMEDIA/TVSO again chose ITcon4Media to set up and install two brand new GENESIX VideoServers. In doing so, the broadcaster stepped up the studio’s playout functionalities with STRYME’S state-of-the-art technology.

As the leading regional broadcaster, SOMEDIA/TVSO reaches thousands of viewers daily across the cantons Grisons, Glarus, and parts of St. Gall with news, sports and entertainment. Reliable high-quality content and ease of use are key to the success of the modern media company.

“Back in 2013, our goal was to simplify and optimize studio operations,” says Freddy Eggenberger, Head of Production & Technology at SOMEDIA/TVSO. “The two video servers made by STRYME did that, and more. They impressed us with user-friendliness and around-the-clock failsafe operations ever since. When it was time to renew them, the latest generation GENESIX VideoServers were our first choice. Their technology is designed to meet our needs as a user, not the other way around. Besides that, we knew that we would again benefit from a sophisticated failsafe solution at a reasonable price.”

Like in the past, ITcon4Media - STRYME’s exclusive partner for Germany and Switzerland - managed the setup and installation of the two new ultra-slim GENESIX VideoServers. To meet the TV station’s increasing playout needs in the news studio, each video server was equipped with 6 HD channels, one ensuring full redundancy. Additionally, ITcon4Media used an integrated approach and included CGI’s Open Media planning tools to step up 24/7 automated news and program planning. All files transferred to the system are automatically allocated the right slot in the playlist using MOS integration.

Similarly, the Music Master was adapted to the needs of the studio. The cornerstones of the technical implementation focused on speed and simplicity, efficiency and flexibility as well as maximum usability and reliability. For Markus Wallies, Managing Director at ITcon4Media, the project also highlighted the importance of trust, continuity and close personal communication as the pillars of success for a long-lasting client relationship.

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SOMEDIA/TVSO again opts for GENESIX VideoServers