SLOMO.TV introduces VAR University franchise

  • 08 March, 2024


USA: The active implementation of VAR systems has significantly improved the quality of refereeing in football. It is now mandatory for top referees officiating in international competitions to be able to work with VAR systems.

Although VAR has started to spread actively since 2018, many countries still do not have it. There is often a fear of VAR implementation. Many see it as a complex and lengthy process. The financial component is also significant - the equipment, installation process and training are perceived to be quite expensive

Through many successful VAR implementations in various football leagues and federations, SLOMO.TV have gained experience in doing what is usually considered impossible - installing VAR systems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. SLOMO.TV have affordable, yet powerful, certified equipment, their own training technology and a tried and tested methodology.

SLOMO.TV also believe that the spread and development of VAR would be facilitated if there were specialized regional centers that could provide training for VAR teams and provide a space for professional-level communication between all those involved in the officiating process
(referees, VARs, AVARs, ROs).

By combining all of their knowledge and technological expertise, SLOMO.TV are able to offer a complete VAR University solution that makes it as easy as possible for leagues and associations to create their own regional VAR training centres. It allows anyone working under the VAR University franchise to get up and running quickly and then continue to promote VAR without our involvement.

VAR University is a unique way to enhance the image and status of a football league that creates an educational center based on the franchise. This is also a business opportunity where the customer becomes a training provider themselves.

VAR University comprises:

Hardware complex
VAR University is primarily based on Starter Kit - a compact, protective rack case solution that includes videoReferee® server (8-16 channels), Academy server (8-16 channels) and RRA (Referee Review Area) option.

Starter Kit is self-contained. It requires only 4 to 8 standard computer monitors and a power supply to operate and to deliver group training sessions. Starter Kit rack can also be used as a VAR system for live matches. Portable and easy to transport, it can be used to train VAR teams on the field in a live environment or to warm up referees before important matches.

Original methodology
SLOMO.TV provide comprehensive training - starting with the VAR basics and progressing to working on live matches. The training system makes it simple to develop and maintain the necessary skills for the entire VAR staff, regardless of their starting level. A dedicated training center also helps the VAR team learn how to interact with the referee on the pitch in accordance with the VAR protocol.

Training materials
The Academy server contains various training videos from past live events, covering controversial moments. It is also possible to add new training clips, enabling continuous growth of all VAR personnel based on new material and knowledge.

VAR University makes the creation of a regional training center a reality for football associations and leagues around the world. Become a VAR training and implementation hub for the neighboring
countries with SLOMO.TV!

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SLOMO.TV introduces VAR University franchise