welcomes GetyourStudio

  • 22 July, 2022


UK:, the pioneer of revolutionary cloud-native technology for live graphic overlays has announced that GetyourStudio, from The Netherlands, has become its latest certified technology partner.

GetyourStudio provides an all-in-one, plug-and-play video studio which uses their proprietary StudioAssist software to massively simplify controlling multiple cameras or sources including PowerPoint presentations, video clips and other media.’s market leading web-based platform complements GetyourStudio, allowing the simple addition of customisable broadcast quality live graphics. The integration means that everything is operated entirely via a user-friendly, cloud-based platform. This aligns with both organizations' mission to help democratize professional live video production for any organization.

GetyourStudio’s CEO and co-founder Marc Hak says: “Like Singular, it is our mission to bring broadcast technology into the hands of any organization. The importance of video has become essential for more organizations than ever before and many are without AV experts or directors but still have a need for high quality, in-house produced video content. We take the complexity out of the process of creating professional video content. Thanks to our Singular integration, beautiful live graphics can be created that match a company’s branding even without in-house graphic designers or video editors."

"Singular set out to remove all barriers to entry for live video production. Working with innovative partners like GetYourStudio who share that vision helps make live broadcast quality production a possibility for anyone. Cloud native tools also provide scalable, accessible and sustainable alternatives to traditional tools, adding advanced features that were simply not possible before," adds’s Head Of Commercial, Jeff Heimbold.

GetyourStudio is located in Utrecht. The team behind GetyourStudio is deeply rooted in the media world and the e-learning industry and has decades of experience supplying and building studios for commercial organizations, healthcare and educational institutions, non-profit organizations or government agencies.

The platform transforms broadcast graphics with a cutting-edge, browser-based, experience that empowers broadcasters to deliver graphics without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, additional studio space, large production teams or any shipping costs.’s authoring environment makes professional quality live graphic overlays sustainable, straightforward and cost effective.

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