Shulins Solutions protects Houston Radio Broadcasters

  • 26 April, 2021


Shulins Solutions Stellar Eclipse Houston.

USA: Shulins Solutions’, a leader in unique monitor, control and protection solutions for transmission sites, drone-based tower inspections and a full range of broadcast consulting services recently completed the installation of its popular Stellar Eclipse broadcast site monitor and protection system featuring VSWR Sentinel to protect 4 leading FM radio stations and their shared antenna and combining systems.  

Shared common antenna sites often with complex combining networks demand monitoring and protection beyond a simple remote control. To protect these significant investments, broadcasters need a proactive solution to not only provide next level of monitoring, logging and control, but a comprehensive VSWR system for maximum protection. 

Stellar Eclipse with exclusive VSWR Sentinel technology was installed to protect and monitor transmission system operations by constantly monitoring the VSWR on all inputs and outputs to the combiner system and refreshing these values many times every second. Anytime a VSWR is detected that exceeds a preset threshold, hard relay interlock relays are controlled that can open interlocks on connected transmitters. RF power is then removed from the system when an unsafe condition exists, thereby saving the systems from costly damage. 

Above all, Stellar Ellipse provides a platform and architecture to not only protect the RF systems, but also provides unique cloud-based monitoring of many shared systems often overlooked in an individual stations remote control. Powerful yet easy to use security and rights management tools are ideal to control access across multiple uses and separately owned stations. 

“Stellar Eclipse goes beyond a simple station based remote control to encompass the entire shared infrastructure and protect stations investments,” said Paul Shulins, President, Shulins Solutions. “Our customer-first approach looks beyond delivering products to helping our customers architect complete solutions that reduce operating costs over many years, and create new opportunities to monetize their broadcast operations.” 

About Shulins Solutions  
Shulins’ Solutions provides unique monitor, control and protection solutions for transmission sites, drone-based visual and infra-red tower inspections as well as a full range of consulting services based on years of practical experience on the ground building and operating broadcast facilities. Shulins’ Solutions solves problems with an attention to detail that only comes from firsthand experience in the field. All of our products and services come from the point of view of the user, and crafted with the passion of a lifelong broadcaster.

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Shulins Solutions protects Houston Radio Broadcasters