RTVE equips its regional centers with SAPEC’s LAGUNA multichannel HD platform

  • 13 January, 2023


35 SAPEC's LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR (LMP) multichannel platforms will enable Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) to offer a real-time HD contribution from its Territorial Centres and News Units to its headquarters in Madrid (Prado del Rey and Torrespaña) and Barcelona (Sant Cugat).

ESP: Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) has appointed SAPEC to refurbish its contribution and distribution systems for its Territorial Centres and News Units throughout Spain with 35 LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR (LMP) units, a multichannel HD/SD platform compatible with HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 standards. As a result, the main Spanish public broadcaster has once again placed its trust in the solvency, reliability and versatility of SAPEC's equipment.

RTVE has an extensive network of Territorial Centres, facilities distributed throughout the Spanish geography with all the technical infrastructure and human resources necessary to transmit all the news of each region of Spain. These centres are complemented by the News Units, smaller premises that are responsible for providing first-hand information from the most relevant provinces or news hubs in the country.

RTVE's commitment to territorial and local information has led it to choose SAPEC's contribution systems. Historically, through public tenders, the Spanish Broadcaster has been a user of equipment such as ALTUM. However, the increase in the volume of information, as well as the new requirements in terms of high definition, has encouraged RTVE's technological management to adopt the new generation of LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR (LMP) systems.

This project represents one of RTVE's major interventions in upgrading video contribution and distribution systems.

35 LAGUNA units have been distributed to all the Territorial Centres and News Units. Depending on their needs, different versions have been chosen: DUAL (two channels), QUAD (four channels) and OCTAL (eight channels). This high integration of channels makes it possible to reduce both the space occupied by the equipment and its energy consumption, which is an advantage over other solutions on the market. In this way, RTVE opts for a model that prioritises both efficiency and the reduction of OPEX and CAPEX costs.

Each of these channels can be independently configured as an encoder or decoder depending on the project requirements. SAPEC also offers the possibility of acquiring different encoder or decoder licences for each of the devices, so that these options can be combined through different operating architectures easily selectable via a web interface.

The LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR equipment installed in the Territorial Centres and News Units will work directly with the existing LAGUNA equipment in Prado del Rey (Madrid), Torrespaña (Madrid) and Sant Cugat (Barcelona) facilities, thus creating a complete ecosystem that meets all RTVE's current and future needs in terms of contribution and distribution.

SAPEC is preparing new updates for the LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR that will be unveiled in the coming months.

LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR, a future-proof solution
SAPEC's LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR is the definitive multichannel platform for video contribution and distribution in Broadcast environments. Among its most outstanding features, beyond the possibility of configuring each channel independently as an encoder or decoder according to the needs of the project, are the bidirectional conversion SCTE35 - SCTE104, the possibility of having up to 8x PID (stereo audio) per video channel, its ability to make Up-Down-Cross-conversion between HD and SD internally, its internal multiplexer (MPTS or STPS output), its compatibility with SMPTE 2022-7 or its hot removable redundant power supply.

LAGUNA adapts to all types of environments addressing the main needs of television environments: distribution via DTT, multichannel video contribution, bidirectional applications (encoding and decoding in the same unit), transport over public IP networks.

LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR is also a platform in continuous transformation, evolving to meet the latest industry needs. In the coming months, SAPEC will offer new firmware versions or additional licences that will allow its users to multiply their capabilities. Currently, LAGUNA equipment can be upgraded to perform, among other functions, ETR-290 monitoring, display the video signals it processes through thumbnails or adopt the SRT protocol to transmit directly over the Internet.


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RTVE equips its regional centers with SAPEC’s LAGUNA multichannel HD platform