RTS upgrades OB fleet with Lawo AoIP

  • 14 December, 2022


GER: Radio Television of Serbia (Radio Televizija Srbije, Radio Beograd, RTS), Serbia’s public broadcaster headquartered in the capital of Belgrade, recently added a Lawo AoIP-equipped OB van to its fleet.
The compact, minibus-based Small Audio OBV, as RTS calls it, has been designed, built and equipped completely in Serbia by the executive team from TSE Beograd, system integrator for audio-, video-, multimedia-, light-, telecommunications and control technology. Lawo’s partner AVC Group supplied the Lawo equipment, and the van, delivered in April 2021, has since been involved in several prominent productions.

“The heart of the system is a 40-fader Lawo mc²36 All-in-One audio mixing console and two compact stage boxes, each with 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs” says Bora Radojevic, Managing Director of TSE. “The IP-based Lawo equipment was easily integrated by using two MADI ports on the back of the console, the third MADI port we used to feed a TASCAM DA-6400 multitrack recorder. The local I/Os provided by the mc²36 were more than enough to connect with the recording and playback equipment, monitoring PPM, et cetera. The additional Lawo A_digital8 is used for TC ELECTRONIC Music 6000 multichannel effect unit. The great sound of the Lawo is monitored by a pair of Genelec 8331A full range and Genelec 7350A subwoofer active monitors.”

Compact yet flexible and powered by Lawo A__UHD core technology, mc²36 consoles can be sized from 16 to 48 faders and feature intuitive guided workflows, providing 256 DSP channels, 48kHz and 96kHz operation, and 864 channels of I/O capacity. IP-native with support for all relevant standards, it also features redundant power supplies and ST2022-7 hitless merge network link redundancy demanded by live broadcast operations.

“After the installation and with their first production ahead, the RTS crew was trained by TSE team,” smiles Zorana Bojicic, CTO of RTS Radio Belgrade. “It only took a few training sessions for the RTS sound engineers to feel familiar with the console and the installation.”

Bojicic is pleased with the event coverage provided by their new OB van, and the Lawo equipment at its heart. “We used the new van just after the handover at several different locations throughout Serbia: Beer Fest in Belgrade, Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac, Mokranjac Days in Negotin, Pipers Gathering in Prislonica, and the RTS Big Band concert in MTS hall in Belgrade. The system easily handles so many different types of music - rock, folk, classical, jazz. We are very happy with its exceptional flexibility.”

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RTS upgrades OB fleet with Lawo AoIP