RTS Intercom Systems launches RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software

  • 10 July, 2024


  • Expands the capabilities of RTS AZedit configuration software for even more efficiency;
  • Speeds up day-to-day tasks for RTS matrix intercom systems of any size and complexity;
  • Multi-window and multi-screen support for intuitive configuration and control;
  • Support for Windows and macOS.

USA: RTS Intercom Systems announces the global launch of the RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite, the next-generation software ecosystem designed for faster and more flexible configuration of OMNEO-based RTS intercom systems. RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software supports ADAM, ADAM-M, and ODIN matrices, as well as OMS from the RTS Digital Partyline family.

The RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite is an all-encompassing interface that puts every aspect of intercom system orchestration at the user‘s fingertips, immediately and intuitively. It works in tandem with the existing AZedit software platform for RTS matrix systems, significantly evolving and enhancing the AZedit feature set and user experience. A range of powerful new tools enable professionals to optimize their communications workflows for next-level efficiency and effectiveness - no matter how complex
the system.

RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software is being introduced via a phased rollout. Simply add
the new software for access to additional modules and features as they are released.

Key features:

Multi-platform support
RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software can be natively installed and operated using either Windows (10 & 11) or macOS (11.0 and above).

Intercom manager
Allows users to see all available intercom resources locally as well as globally, with the ability to assign
any resource to devices through a simple drag and drop workflow.

Properties manager
Consolidate multiple screens previously in Azedit into a single work surface, streamlining workflows by reducing screens and clicks. Customization features include alpha naming, descriptions, scroll enabling, tone generator control and more.

Intercom resource search engine
Users can quickly find any available resources by simply typing into the active type-ahead search field.
The new search engine looks at all data fields for a match, including alphas, resource type,
descriptions one and two, and matrix names.

User-configurable keypanel editor
The keypanel editor screen allows for custom tailoring of the interface. Each element of the screen
can be easily enabled or disabled to only show what is critical to the user.

Multiple keypanel editor sessions
Supports the use of multiple monitor configurations, allowing for an unlimited number of keypanels
to be viewed at the same time. Key assignments can be copied across devices by simply dragging
them from one to another.

Setup page manager
Users can quickly configure, review and change up to 15 setup pages on a device through the use
of a new drag-and-drop approach to changing pages, with graphical identifiers for keypanel hardware
types (these may be turned on or off as preferred).

Visit products.rtsintercoms.com for a complete list of features.

Download RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software for Windows.


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RTS Intercom Systems launches RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software