RTS elevates communication technology at PSNC

  • 28 November, 2023


RTS partners with Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, enhancing communication systems
for events and productions.

VLink and Trunkmaster take center stage, implementing a dynamic communication solution featuring ODIN intercom matrices chosen for both onsite studio and mobile event flexibility.

GER/POL: Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), a high-tech institution in Poland,
has selected intercom solutions from RTS as its preferred communication technology for events and productions. PSNC, a distinguished flagship research facility under the umbrella of the Polish Academy
of Sciences, has a rich history in supercomputing and networking. The center's mission revolves around research and development, catering to the scientific community's communication needs and connecting institutions globally through advanced networks. Fostering innovation in their field, PSNC serves as a crucial hub for cutting-edge technological advancements, both nationally and internationally. 

To seamlessly link upcoming events and productions, the goal was to find an easy-to-use intercom system characterized by both substantial capacity and top-notch quality. Given the dynamic nature of each production, PSNC sought an intercom system that would enable them to establish comms conveniently
via mobile devices and collaborated with Polish RTS partner Pawlaki Pro Audio to identify the ideal solution and assist with the installation.

RTS partner Pawlaki Pro Audio helped specifying and installing the system.

Incorporating the capabilities of VLink virtual matrix software and intelligent trunking solutions, RTS has seamlessly integrated advanced technology into the center's events and production IP workflow,
enhancing communication capabilities across diverse teams and locations. 

Eryk Skotarczak, PSNC’s Cinematographer and Technical Solution Provider explains: "We have opted for two ODIN intercom matrices. One is permanently installed in our studio and functions as a regular matrix. It is trunked to the second ODIN which we use for live events, ensuring seamless data exchange. 

“Our mobile ODIN operates in two modes,” he continues. “It can work independently, or it can be connected via RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) to the TM-10K Trunkmaster using VPN on an open internet.” 

Skotarczak confirms: “The audio signals follow a seamless path through the ODIN matrix, then to the studio, from there to the trunked ODIN with VLink, and finally transmitted to a mobile device via an internet connection. This workflow establishes a cohesive communication link that harmonizes perfectly with
the event’s backdrop - the system is operating flawlessly.” 

Whether for conference productions or live streaming, RTS intercoms have a proven track record, offering ease of setup and the highest level of integration flexibility. The ability to be part of the operation via mobile phones, tablets and PCs has facilitated dynamic communications, enabling event participants
to stay connected without the need for dedicated hardware. 

Additionally, the deployment allows for real-time comms even when teams are spread across various locations, ensuring uninterrupted coordination and information sharing. Commenting on the collaboration, Skotarczak concludes: “RTS has provided us with tools that have not only met our expectations but exceeded them. The seamless integration of their technology into our workflow has enabled us to communicate effectively and efficiently during our events and productions.”


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RTS elevates communication technology at PSNC