RT Software expand Telestration solutions range

  • 11 May, 2021


UK: Real time live broadcast graphics solutions provider RT Software launches Tactic Draw, brings affordable feature rich touch screen and telestration to all genres of broadcasting.

Tactic Draw is primarily aimed at content creators requiring presenters or participants to interact live with content using touch screens or tablets. RT Software says that this is the most affordable member of the Tactic family and is perfect for newsrooms, elections, light entertainment and all sports genres. Running on a Windows PC, it can be controlled via tablets or larger touch screen monitors. It also supports further simultaneous broadcast outputs such as SDI, NDI, or ST2110 for onward broadcast or to display on video walls.

Compatible content includes video clips, still images, pdfs and live web pages all of which can be annotated on with the traditional telestration tools such as lines, circles, magnifiers and highlighters live through the presenter interface. Multimedia content with or without annotations can be stacked together and built into stories which can then be safely taken to air live - with further annotation possible while on air.

The product interface is designed to be branded by users and to be particularly easy to use on air with new features designed to simplify touchscreen use and setup. As well as being able to recall and interact with web pages or documents from within the touchscreen interface, users can add graphics from the supplied tools palette, and create their own stamp tools by dragging and dropping images directly into the palette.

Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director at RT Software said. “This is our first new broadcast graphics product release based around the modular Swift graphics engine. This means pricing starts at just UK£1,500 with HDMI and NDI output, but the engine can be upgraded to baseband HD, UHD, HDR in both SDI and ST2110. I believe the affordability and capability of this product means it will become a staple part of many live studio shows”.

Trail versions of the software are freely available from the RT Software website.

Full product information. Product demonstration.


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RT Software expand Telestration solutions range