Ross Video launches “Let’s Make it Real”

  • 15 June, 2023


CAN: Ross Video has announced the launch of its new brand platform, "Let's Make it Real." The visually dynamic platform represents a significant milestone in the company's evolution, showcasing its commitment to customer imagination and enabling the transformation of ideas into reality. This is an especially important step towards a planned IPO in the next few years to communicate that customers remain the central focus for the company.

The brand platform serves as an invitation to customers, partners, and industry professionals to challenge conventional thinking, imagine the extraordinary, and collaborate with Ross to bring their creative visions to life. This launch signifies an exciting chapter for Ross Video and sets the stage for a future of innovation, partnership, and ground-breaking achievements in the world of live video experiences.

“Offering customers a superior experience has been at the core of Ross since the founding of the company. Turning customer ideas into reality is literally what we do and always have done,” said
David Ross, CEO of Ross Video. “That’s why we’re so excited about this new brand platform and what it holds for our future; it’s authentic to who we are and the partnership dynamic we hold so dear. With the planned IPO coming up, we feel it’s important to reemphasize our commitment to customer success.”

As an industry leader with a longstanding presence in the broadcast technology market, Ross has maintained a unique perspective by holding to an approach that encompasses both breadth and depth. This allows customers to blue-sky based on their unique circumstances and trust that Ross’ vast production universe will allow their abstract ideas to take form.

“I think of it as more than a brand platform,” said David Ross. “It’s an invitation and a rallying cry to customers, partners, future employees, and everyone in the industry to challenge ourselves. Let’s imagine what could be. Let’s figure it out. Let’s make it real.”

“Our technology is in more settings and hands than ever, and our customers are using it to design stunning productions on a daily basis,” said Jeff Moore, EVP and CMO of Ross Video. “This new brand platform welcomes our customers' visionary thinking and puts them in the driver’s seat so that they can dream up creative solutions alongside us. The vibrance and energy of the new visual system is a significant evolution for Ross and a massive step in conveying who we are to this broader audience. It’s also fitting that this great work was a team effort. External partners bringing fresh eyes complimented by Ross staff who know and own the brand.”

Early pieces of “Let’s Make it Real” were teased out and received with excitement at NAB in Las Vegas this past spring. Now officially launched, and full rollout continuing through the remainder of the year, the platform will anchor all marketing and communication efforts, including a revamped website. It is designed to communicate how Ross has become a cornerstone of the industry while remaining laser-focused on customer success.

“Let’s Make it Real” was a collaboration between Ross’ internal creative design team and Toronto-based external partners Bruce Mau Design and strategy consultant Mary Jane Braide.

“The design system is a literal manifestation of ‘Let’s Make it Real,’ moving from abstract concept to final experience,” said Laura Stein, Chief Creative Officer at Bruce Mau Design. “Graphic pixels represent the process, ideation, and connections that progress bit by bit until we arrive at crisp, high-resolution images of the final experience.”

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Ross Video launches “Let’s Make it Real”