Riedel’s Intercom Systems Transform Communications at Miyagi Television Broadcasting

  • 30 November, 2023


GER: Riedel Communications announces that Miyagi Television Broadcasting, a key broadcaster in the Tohoku area in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture, has chosen Riedel's products to create an unmatched communication ecosystem. Riedel's Artist and Bolero systems provide the balance of functionality, performance, and cost required by the broadcasting giant, as well as ease of use and simple maintenance.

"While it's different from conventional systems in some respects, Riedel's innovative intercom concept has been enthusiastically embraced by our team and has consistently delivered stable performance since its implementation," said Hino Takazumi, Technology Promotion Department, General Affairs Bureau, Miyagi Television Broadcasting. "We are glad we made this decision and excited about the future possibilities it opens up for us. As we look ahead, we are confident that Riedel will continue to be our trusted partner."

The Riedel Artist and Bolero solutions have empowered Miyagi Television Broadcasting to revolutionize its communications. Along with an Artist-1024 node and an RSP-1232HL SmartPanel, the broadcaster's new communication ecosystem includes 15 RSP-1216HL SmartPanels, four Bolero active antennas, and
10 Bolero six-key wireless intercom beltpacks. Though Miyagi Television Broadcasting originally intended to perform a simple update to its production sub-intercom, the broadcaster discovered that the antennas could be positioned to serve as a sub-intercom for the entire program, including news sub-intercoms.
With beltpacks distributed throughout office spaces and studios, the broadcaster also uses the Riedel system for various mission-critical functions, including communication between subs and studio staff, PGM exchanges, studio commentaries, and inter-room communication.

This integration of the intercom system with both production and news sub-intercoms has resulted in great cost savings for Miyagi Television Broadcasting. On top of realizing excellent sound quality with its Riedel systems, the broadcaster also benefited from its ability to assign 16 buttons to a single talk panel, adjust headset amplifier levels for specific terminals, and use the Director application to better visualize the workflow and manage equipment loans for its key stations. Notably, during a 2022 election special,
an expert panel was pulled into an unused studio to create a simple subchannel for online distribution. Enabling information-sharing with terrestrial subs, this model strengthened the broadcaster's ability
to swiftly disseminate critical information.

"Miyagi Television Broadcasting's integration of our intercom systems perfectly demonstrates how
Artist and Bolero bring flexibility, unwavering performance, and improved cost efficiency to modern production environments," said Vincent Lambert, General Manager Japan and South Korea at Riedel Communications. "We are delighted to witness their enthusiastic adoption of our communication solutions, and we look forward to the future possibilities this relationship will unlock."

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Riedel’s Intercom Systems Transform Communications at Miyagi Television Broadcasting