Riedel Bolero Unleashes Crystal-Clear Communications

  • 31 August, 2023


USA: Riedel Communications announces that the Nashville Humane Association (NHA) used Riedel’s standalone Bolero wireless intercom and belt packs to major success at its recent fundraising event.
With over 300 attendees, the 14th annual Unleashed event, held on July 22 at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, raised over $130,000 to help the nonprofit organization cover the medical, housing, and other costs of finding forever homes for numerous abandoned, abused, or homeless dogs and cats. Riedel worked closely with Clair Global out of Lititz, Pennsylvania, to loan the necessary equipment for the charitable event, providing a Bolero wireless system consisting of 10 beltpacks, two antennas, and necessary headsets for clear and reliable communications throughout the hotel ballroom.

“Bolero just worked - it enabled the event to run smoothly, and the sound was great,” said Kenneth Tallier, Director of Public and Media Relations, NHA. “In fact, it was so smooth that the attendees didn’t even realize we had a whole crew running around behind the scenes. The ability to provide clear instructions on locations and transitions significantly contributed to the success of the runway and action segments of the event, which in turn is a win for the whole event!”

Riedel has provided equipment for at least five of the 14 years that Unleashed, one of NHA’s largest fundraisers, has operated. Prior to Bolero, the event relied on cell phones, but then considered two-way radios. But the presence of dead zones created challenges for volunteers trying to establish or maintain phone calls. Texting and dialing proved to be time-consuming. On the other hand, two-way radios lacked the capability for distinct channels, resulting in individuals talking over each other and causing misunderstandings.

Bolero's simple-to-configure duplex operation came to the rescue. Volunteers managed to establish distinct channels that facilitated separate discussions. This functionality proved invaluable, particularly in orchestrating activities like coordinating dog walkers on one side of the hotel without disrupting the auction calls or the progression of slides in the main ballroom.

For this year’s Unleashed event, the chosen theme was Dinner With Your Dog. This concept urged attendees to bring their furry companions to partake in a hotel dinner. Alongside this, NHA organized a live auction showcasing donated items. Sixteen celebrity dog walkers strutted down the runway accompanied by adoptable dogs, with at least eight of them finding their forever homes to date.

The Bolero system played a pivotal role in ensuring impeccable communication throughout these activities. Its capability for crystal-clear communication facilitated seamless transitions during the auction item presentations. Furthermore, it effectively guided the dog walkers and their canine companions to their designated spots, contributing to the overall success of these activities.

“Having the Bolero and the headsets made it easier to display the items up for bid visually - the correct items could be brought out at the right time to match the auctioneer’s comments. Ultimately, this provided an enhanced visual display, which created greater demand for the items and increased the bids, raising more money for the shelter and the pets,” said Marsha Masula, Event Chairperson, NHA. “We have been spoiled since we started using Bolero. I really don’t know how we could put on this quality of a show without it, as communication is key.”

“Empowering the Nashville Humane Association by loaning equipment for their fundraiser is more than just a contribution; it’s a commitment to creating a better world for our furry friends. Together, we amplify their cause, ensuring that every wag of a tail and every purr resonates with care and compassion,”
said Joyce Bente, President-CEO of Riedel Communications, the Americas.

View more of Nashville’s Unleashed 2023 event here: Unleashed Images on Facebook.

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Riedel Bolero Unleashes Crystal-Clear Communications