Riedel and D2N Help RISE Pacific Reach New Heights

  • 22 January, 2024


With Cutting-Edge Communication for Vertical Rigging Projects.

Riedel Bolero Helps RISE Pacific Reach New Heights.

GER: Riedel Communications announces that RISE® Pacific, a specialist in complex access, entertainment, and industrial rigging, has selected Riedel's EMMY® Award-winning Bolero wireless intercom system to address the unique communication challenges the company faces in its diverse, demanding, and often dangerous projects. Operating at the forefront of the vertical world, RISE Pacific
has used Bolero for projects that involve working at great heights, including aerial performances and
rope access for building inspections and maintenance, telecommunications, geotechnical work,
rescue operations, emergency responses, and confined-space entries involving deep shafts and pipes.
Integrated by Riedel partner D2N, the Bolero system has helped ensure both safety and efficiency for these projects, providing durable, reliable, and hands-free communication even in the most extreme situations.

“When we were going through the risk assessment for our projects, Bolero was a critical element.
We just wouldn't have had the confidence to take on such high-risk projects without it,” said
Clancy Simpson, Director at RISE Pacific. “We know from firsthand experience that Bolero is not just for the entertainment industry; it has seamlessly integrated into our vertical world of rope access and complex rigging projects, proving its value in mission-critical applications. Bolero has become an essential tool in ensuring safety, efficiency, and clear communication, and the system’s adaptability and performance
have truly exceeded our expectations.”

Before choosing Riedel, RISE Pacific found that traditional radios fell short in mission-critical situations, often overwhelmed by multiple transmissions, message latency, and interference issues. This situation not only posed safety issues in extreme situations, but also meant that other tasks, such as guiding a heavy high-voltage cable down a vertical shaft, were prone to high financial costs and significant downtime should errors occur. To overcome these limitations, RISE Pacific contacted local Riedel partner D2N Technology Solutions and acquired eight Bolero beltpacks and two antennas, along with the ability to expand its setup through the preexisting Motorola® interface with Riedel’s NSA-002A network stream adapter. Thanks to the Bolero system’s unparalleled flexibility and interoperability, team members can easily attach the beltpacks to their harnesses and connect them to Bluetooth® earpieces, further reducing cable clutter and enhancing mobility. This robust and expandable communication solution has proven indispensable in scenarios where precision, safety, and seamless coordination are paramount.

Bolero also transformed team interactions and brought new dimensions to RISE Pacific’s work environment. For long days on site, team members can tune into RISE FM - a separate channel created through Bolero - and listen to the same music, boosting morale and fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection. During a project celebrating the anniversary of an Australian airline, the team worked within an aircraft hangar, one of the busiest parts of the airfield. Despite the deafening noise of jetliners constantly moving nearby, Bolero enabled clear and efficient communications throughout the event load-in process, and provided built-in hearing protection through earmuffs. Additionally, Bolero integrated seamlessly with the load monitoring system, enabling members to hear alarms from anywhere in the hangar.
The team also guided a vehicle off site without the need for hand signals.

“While Bolero has long been a trusted communication solution in the entertainment industry for sports, events, concerts, movies, and TV production, RISE Pacific’s deployment demonstrates the system’s vital role in safety and communication within mission-critical events and applications,” said Chris Johnson, Sales Director Australia & NZ at Riedel. “We see time and time again that when communications are critical, Bolero is the trusted choice."

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Riedel and D2N Help RISE Pacific Reach New Heights