Red House Streaming’s RHStv Streaming Network Reaches Over 400,000 Viewers in First Year

  • 20 February, 2024


Tampa Bay’s first streaming network pulls in global audiences through diverse live and VOD programming, including four linear TV channels and a growing live event broadcast business.

RHStv Live Play Workshop Production Set.

USA: Red House Streaming, a subsidiary of CP Communications, officially launched RHStv Connecting Tampa Bay (RHStv) last February with five TV shows and the goal of offering a socially responsible approach to media and community engagement. The initial announcement noted that RHStv was
Tampa Bay’s first streaming network capable of reaching more than 1 million viewers.

One year in, the FAST (free ad supported television) streaming network has expanded to 14 shows and produced several live event broadcasts, attracting more than 400,000 viewers via Connected TV platforms (Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Play, Roku), the RHStv app (ioS/Androud) and the official website. The first-year interest in the network and its programming far surpassed
the fledgling network’s expectations.

“Our primary viewership is in Tampa Bay and the surrounding region, and the majority of our programming is produced in our Red House Streaming Production Center or at on-location shoots in the general vicinity,” said Larissa Stanley, Manager of Production Operations, Red House Streaming and RHStv. “Our live event broadcasts played an important role in growing our audience, attracting viewers from around the world. Many of these viewers recognized our social purpose of empowering individuals and communities to discover, share, create and engage, and have since become regular RHStv viewers.”

RHStv today offers four linear channels of programming and a library of VOD programming, soon to expand with a talk show, Tampa Bay Tonite with Kerry McNally; and a new docuseries, Live Play Workshop, that expands RHStv’s programming to 16 shows. The Non-Profit Collective is the most recent linear and VOD channel to launch, joining Sarina Fazan Network/SFN, Youth News Network/YNN, and the flagship RHStv channel. All networks cover multiple topics and air an array of programming, with the flagship RHStv channel carrying live broadcast events.

RHStv Production Studio.

Live Broadcast Growth
In 2023, live broadcasts included two watersport events from Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida: USDBF Club Crew National Championships, a national dragon boat race that drew 100,000 viewers over three days; and the ICF 2023 Stand Up Paddleboard World Cup, which drew 40,000 viewers over three days. The audience draw across key demographics from ages 18-55, coupled with Red House Streaming’s live event production experience, drew interest from other rowing organizations. In 2024, RHStv will expand to nine rowing events, seven of which will be produced and broadcast live from Nathan Benderson Park. Events include the return of Stand Up Paddleboard World Cup with the ICF 2024 World Cup Event in November.

Separately, the new Non-Profit Collective highlights the work and achievements of area non-profits through the power of video and storytelling. Produced on location at each Non-Profit and at the Red House Streaming Production Center in St Petersburg, the inspiration behind the channel is to align and integrate non-profits with common agendas, unify actions, influence systems and educate in ways that create a collective impact for communities.

RHStv Tampa Bay Tonite Set.

Red House Streaming supports all live and pre-recorded productions through its full-service studio and production center in St. Petersburg, Florida; a growing portfolio of IP, cloud and bonded cellular hardware products and software solutions; and a content acquisition and live production business that captures sports and live events on location. The network’s technical operation is powered through production trailers, technicians, and content delivery services. The latter was recently strengthened through distribution support from Video Elephant, a global video aggregator that provides curated content for web publishers and other outlets, including digital signage networks.

Kurt Heitmann, CEO of Red House Streaming and parent company CP Communications, notes that RHStv’s multi-generational content has helped them exceed expectations with viewership and engagement. “Through a diversity of programming from the Youth News Network to the new launch of Tampa Bay Tonite, we are regularly reaching viewers from ages 13 through
70 and up,” said Heitmann.
“And with our live sports events and specialty VOD programming like the VooDoo Chef Underground Challenge, a cooking competition returning for Season 2, we have experienced a 40,000 percent audience growth through our first 12 months on the air. We are well on our way to establishing a streaming network model that we can launch in our other cities.”

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Red House Streaming’s RHStv Streaming Network Reaches Over 400,000 Viewers in First Year