RE:LIVE Productions Invests in Ikegami UHK-X700 4K-UHD Cameras

  • 02 October, 2023


UHK-X700 cameras in use at RE:LIVE Productions’ Singapore headquarters.

SGP: RE:LIVE Productions, formerly known as Pufferfish Productions, one of Singapore’s leading providers of creative video, event management and live streaming services, has invested in three Ikegami UHK-X700 4K-UHD camera systems. In addition to the cameras, the new purchase includes three BSX-100 base stations, OCP-300 operating control panels and full-HD VFL701D 7-inch LCD viewfinders plus a 2-inch monocular VFL201D. These will be used in RE-LIVE Productions' studio projects as well as being made available as part of the rental fleet.

“RE:LIVE Productions has operated Ikegami HDK-55 camera systems successfully for the past five years,” comments Yasunori Kanno, President of Ikegami APAC. “They were very pleased to find that we provided consistently strong support. For this new order, RE:LIVE Productions chose the UHK-X700 cameras as part of an upgrade to 1080p 50/60 high definition. The UHK-X700 systems also provide the resources to create content in multiple formats to match a wide range of customer requirements.”

Established in 2008 as Pufferfish, RE:LIVE Productions offers a wide range of services including the production of television advertisements, broadcast and corporate video creation, event coverage, live feeds, post-production, remastering and online streaming. Studio facilities include a large cyclorama with overhead lighting and a motorised camera truss. 

Ikegami UHK-X700 cameras are designed for broadcast-quality video production and live streaming applications. They can be pedestal-mounted, tripod-mounted or operated over the shoulder. Each camera incorporates three latest-generation 2/3-inch CMOS 4K sensors with global shutters to eliminate rolling-shutter distortion and flash-banding artifacts. Full support is provided for HDR imagery with HLG or SDR, as well as the ability to choose between BT.2020 and BT.709 chroma spaces independently. High-frame-rate shooting at up to double real-time in 4K or up to eightfold real-time in HD is possible as an option for applications such as capturing fast motion in sport or stage events.

When combined with the Ikegami BSX-100 base station, the UHK-X700 supports simultaneous output in 4K-UHD and in HD video formats such as 1080p, 1080i or 720, including mixed sources. 4K-UHD video is available as a 12G-SDI feed directly from the camera head, allowing the UHK-X700 to be integrated into a remotely operated system. The BSX-100 enables the transportation of separate video, audio and metadata as independent IP multicast streams via an optional SMPTE.2110 plug-in MoIP unit.

Ikegami's OCP-300 control panel supports conventional one-by-one ICCP (Ikegami command) control, Arcnet based control and Ethernet based control. It includes a touchscreen LCD with rotary encoders plus an SD Memory Card slot for full camera setup and filing capability. The control depth feature allows the selection of basic, complete and customised operating access. Options include support for shared operation for up to 10 cameras.

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RE:LIVE Productions Invests in Ikegami UHK-X700 4K-UHD Cameras