Red House Streaming Brings Triceratops Skeleton to Life on Youth News Network

  • 11 August, 2023


RHStv Connecting Tampa Bay streaming network celebrates Glazer Museum exhibit on new channel
produced by local young adults.

USA: One of the biggest draws at Tampa’s Glazer Children's Museum, literally, is Big John, the largest triceratops skeleton ever uncovered. A production team from Youth News Network (YNN), a local channel launched earlier this year by Red House Streaming, a subsidiary of CP Communications, recently profiled the new exhibit, providing young adults a voice in local media in the process.

Discovered in South Dakota in 2014, the 66-million-year-old fossilized dinosaur skeleton exhibit was opened to the public on Memorial Day weekend. “Not the normal place you would go to see a triceratops,” explained Beth Weber, Senior Producer, Red House Streaming. “The museum is actually using this exhibit to attract more than your typical young patrons. It’s a very cool interactive museum that offers a wealth of activities to visitors.”

Aryanna Smith, a local high school student and YNN volunteer, served as host for the eight-minute video, which included an interview with Sara Cole, CEO of the museum. “It was the first interview she'd done, so we taught her how to do an interview,” Weber explained. “It was an interactive learning experience. YNN is planning to do more of these projects, where our volunteers go into the community and highlight positive topics for young people.”

The YNN crew was equipped with a Sony A1 camera and DJI Ronin RS 3 stabilizer, as well as LED lights and two ENG microphones. Red House Streaming has a full complement of professional video gear available for rent by local producers, including Sony camcorders, GoPro cameras, Panasonic PTZs,
DJI Transmission for wireless video workflows, audio and support gear, and accessories.

Once the shoot was complete, a member of the YNN crew handled the editing. “I feel this generation is more hands-on and really wants a voice. They want to do it their way,” Weber said. “It’s really kids learning the industry and trying to learn about their community - and just giving kids a voice.”

YNN is a socially responsible steaming network featuring programming made for and created by individuals aged 13-23. Weber said YNN is focused on providing the young adult perspective.
“At Youth News Network, we want to give them the opportunity to participate, to make a difference.
If this turns out being a direction where they do want to go professionally, then they get some
hands-on experience in it,” she added.

Youth News Network is one of three linear streaming channels with VOD content offered through
RHStv Connecting Tampa Bay, a FAST (free ad supported television) streaming network that Red House Streaming launched in February. RHStv Connecting Tampa Bay is available on the website and free RHStv app for iOS and Android devices, as well as Connected TV platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Play, and Roku.

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Red House Streaming Brings Triceratops Skeleton to Life on Youth News Network