Red Bee Media and Samba TV Announce Partnership

  • 14 November, 2023


To Further Enhance Data Capabilities for Innovative TV Solutions.

UK/USA: Red Bee Media, a leading global media services provider, and Samba TV, the leading provider
of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement, announces additional integrations and
an extension of its multi-year partnership. The partnership will bolster Samba TV’s already unmatched data
comprehensiveness by integrating Red Bee’s metadata into its suite of end-user software products,
including interactive TV, research and analytics.

Samba TV will use Red Bee’s rich metadata to supplement its analysis of viewership behaviors and leverage Red Bee’s linear schedules as an input to validate its media measurement and advertising effectiveness. Red Bee’s data will also serve as a valuable supplement to Samba TV’s existing datasets, not only enriching the depth of the information provided by its software products, but also enhancing
the end-user experience.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with Red Bee Media to build on the richness of our TV software and data solutions,” said Samba TV CCO, Aden Zaman. This partnership is a testament to
both Samba TV and Red Bee’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and creating a more interactive
and personalized television experience.”

“We are thrilled to continue this strategic partnership with Samba TV,” stated Red Bee Media Head of Sales for Market Area Americas, Jason Marchese. This extension of our current partnership exemplifies our commitment to advancing the television industry along with Samba TV’s innovative software products. Together, we are poised to redefine interactivity and engagement, setting new standards for the evolving media landscape. This speaks volumes about our shared dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional solutions that resonate with audiences worldwide.”

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Red Bee Media and Samba TV Announce Partnership