Radio La Guancha selects AEQ Phoenix ALIO

  • 11 June, 2024


ESP: Radio La Guancha is the municipal radio station of La Guancha Town Council on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. It was created more than 20 years ago. Its frequency is 107.2FM.
Its transmitter covers the north of the island of Tenerife and the south of La Palma but the station can
be listened to via internet anywhere in the world. Traditionally Radio La Guancha has always been one
of the stations in the area with a clear commitment to the latest broadcasting technologies.

In 2022, the City Council decided to modernise and upgrade the station's technical equipment based
on the AEQ ATRIUM digital console and the AEQ SYSTEL IP multiconferencing system to service its
two main production studios.

Now Radio La Guancha is renewing its commitment to IP communications with digital audio quality
thanks to the AEQ Phoenix ALIO portable audiocodecs, which allows it to bring its programs closer to
the audience, as it offers the possibility of broadcasting many of the contents from anywhere in the
city: parks, hotels or restaurants, with professional audio quality and a negligible investment
in communication lines.

AEQ Phoenix ALIO is a portable IP audiocodec with dual stereo channels. It has been designed specifically for sports broadcasting, but has been optimised to make it easy to use in a wide variety of scenarios, including music events. Its compact design, resistant to pressure, shock, and even liquids, is optimised
for outdoor use where treatment cannot always be sufficiently gentle.

AEQ Phoenix ALIO can connect to base equipment from most manufacturers via the SIP communication protocol, in accordance with EBU standard N/ACIP Tech 3326. But if you connect with an AEQ codec
you can use a unique set of tools to support communication and control of the unit.
In addition, with the AEQ ControlPhoenix Audiocodec Management Software
you have full control of the unit and all its functions.

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Radio La Guancha selects AEQ Phoenix ALIO