Qvest equips RTL+ with modern software architecture

  • 06 October, 2023


GER: Qvest's digital product development team has worked closely with RTL to comprehensively modernize the software architecture of its streaming platform. With this upgrade, the online broadcaster RTL+ can use resources even more effectively while increasing productivity.

With RTL+, the German TV broadcaster RTL operates Germany's largest streaming service with over
3.4 million users. The team at Qvest Digital AG, a part of the Qvest Group, was responsible for the comprehensive modernization of this streaming platform. This involved a complete overhaul of the existing software architecture. The result provides RTL+ employees not only significantly increased efficiency in media technology workflows, but also economic benefits.

As part of the modernization, the existing software architecture was converted from a backend-for-frontend (BFF) pattern to GraphQL with Federation. Here, the Qvest team was able to draw on many years of experience in the field of platform development. In the process, numerous separate APIs, each of which was connected to a different frontend of the streaming service (web app, mobile app, TV app, etc.),
were replaced by a harmonized API. The newly created, central interface for all software teams enables easier further development of the platform as well as time savings of up to 30 percent in the workflow. This increase in efficiency has a direct impact on time-to-market and thus results in a significant
business advantage.

The close collaboration between RTL+ and Qvest has resulted in a solution that optimizes the platform's technological performance and leads to a more agile and cost-efficient way of working.
The modernized architecture enables the team at RTL+ to use resources more effectively while achieving higher productivity in content development and delivery. Key factors in the success of the GraphQL Federation implementation included troubleshooting and community building, in addition to tooling
and schema management.

About Qvest
Qvest advises and supports organizations and companies worldwide on all requirements for technology implementations in the context of digital transformation and is a world-leading systems architect, ICT integrator and developer of software products in the innovation-driven media industry. The company’s range of services is aligned to the opportunities emerging from an increasingly digital media value chain such as multi-platform content delivery, artificial intelligence, data & analytics, multi-cloud management, and IP infrastructures. Qvest clients include numerous renowned media networks, telecommunication providers, broadcasters as well organizations and companies from the industrial and public sector.
In addition to the headquarters in Cologne, Germany, the globally connected Qvest Group operates
further locations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia.


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Qvest equips RTL+ with modern software architecture