Qvest and Trade4Sports partner

  • 10 February, 2022


GER: As of January 1, 2022, Qvest and Trade4Sports have established a strategic partnership to create new marketing solutions in the sports and entertainment sector. The two companies are combining their specialist expertise in the field of technology-focused sports and entertainment marketing. As part of this collaboration, Qvest Group GmbH is acquiring a 33-percent stake in Trade4Sports GmbH.

As a provider of content advertising technologies, Trade4Sports specializes in a real-time digitalized marketing solution for the sports and entertainment sector. The company has established "T4S Desk & SSP", a booking platform for media agencies and advertising clients, and developed "T4S Marketing Cloud", an online-based inventory and playout system for rights holders.

The platform "T4S Desk & SSP" serves as the digital bridge between rights holders and media agencies. Thanks to standardized preparation with learned media planning key figures, the LED screens - called "Digital Sport Screens" - can be selected for the first time in classic media planning via the "T4S SSP" service and booked automatically via self-service using "T4S Desk". This programmatic and intuitive ad-tech solution can be used at a national and international level to extend media campaigns that use digital advertising spaces in the sports and entertainment sector.

As an all-in-one solution, the "T4S Marketing Cloud" covers all requirements from digital marketing to delivery and bundles the technology expertise of Trade4Sports and Qvest. This SaaS solution gives clubs and rights holders a convenient, automated, and cloud-based way of managing their advertising spaces, such as LED boards at the sidelines or other virtual or physical displays in the stadium. The inventory management function therefore digitalizes and standardizes the marketing processes. The delivery of advertising media is made much simpler thanks to an integrated asset management. Assets can be controlled, modified, and delivered in real-time via a cloud-based multi-channel playout system. In addition, as an established media technology company, Qvest, together with Trade4Sports, offers holistic and individual support in the logistical and technical planning, delivery as well as commissioning of the LED technology in the stadiums.

Peter Nöthen, CEO of Qvest and Advisor at Trade4Sports, says: "Our Qvest teams perform in all areas of the technological value chain, especially in the digitization of complex processes. With our products and solutions, we are increasingly focusing on scalable, cloud-based technologies and have expanded this expertise specifically for our customers.

"Through the partnership with Trade4Sports, we are jointly developing the highly interesting field of programmatic sports marketing. The Qvest technology expertise will enable a high innovation potential here. For the internationalization of Trade4Sports services, we also have relevant market access, so the global Qvest locations can serve as client hubs.

Nicholas von Brauchitsch, CEO and co-founder of Trade4Sports GmbH: "We are very pleased to have found a strategic partner in Qvest, who is keen to develop sports marketing to a new level together with us. Qvest's technical expertise and Trade4Sports' many years of experience in advertising marketing and digital product management form a great basis."

Frederic Komp, Managing Director and co-founder of Trade4Sports GmbH, adds: "Together, we can thus provide the right and necessary technology for an increasingly digitalized, national and international marketing in the sports and entertainment market. Our ad server for sports will also open up new opportunities and budgets especially for the future market of virtual advertising."

The end-to-end solution of Trade4Sports and Qvest with "T4S Desk" and "T4S Marketing Cloud" on digital sport screens will be operating live as early as the upcoming football Bundesliga season 2022/2023.


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Qvest and Trade4Sports partner