Qligent Brings Station to Nation Vision Microservices to NAB Show 2024

  • 08 April, 2024


New Vision 5 software release offers a more deployable, manageable, cloud-native solution
for media enterprises moving to hybrid cloud networks.

USA: Qligent, an innovative provider of cloud-based media delivery quality assurance solutions, returns to NAB with their release of Vision 5 which offers a more efficient and economical monitoring and analysis platform for enterprise-level businesses. Qligent’s Vision 5 software release is based on a cloud-native microservices framework that allows any media organization to better serve distributed architectures
for broadcast, cable, satellite and OTT/streaming networks. Qligent will show Vision 5 in Meeting
Room W2079 (West Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) at NAB Show 2024 from April 14-16. 

Qligent developed Vision 5 to address the need for deeper end-to-end monitoring of next generation broadcast and MVPD networks, providing greater visibility across the entire media supply chain.
Vision 5 utilizes a microservices approach that allows enterprise-level businesses to target core media services, including QoE/QoS/compliance monitoring, for specific media workflows, audiences and/or subscribers. This is especially helpful for broadcasters and MVPDs as they transition to remotely
operated hybrid network models.

“The microservices approach utilized in Vision 5 helps our customers as they move to hybrid networks, allowing them to scale on demand using cloud-native tools for both cloud/ground networks or the new linear networks that utilize OTT distribution and linear at the edge approaches. Vision 5 allows customers to use the same tools they use for managing the cloud or other high scale networks to conveniently deploy Vision as highly performant microservices, avoiding the forklift virtualization approach used in other systems,” said Brick Eksten, CEO, Qligent.

“Vision 5 further integrates into the customer network by leveraging open standards and exposing modern APIs that the customer can utilize directly for deployment and monitoring of the network, allowing Vision
to act as a central analytics, alarming and notification tool. This brings the monitoring by exception toolset to a truly enterprise scale. That same framework is designed with large, distributed architectures in mind, making it easier and more affordable to scale Vision networks to serve new locations.”

Vision 5 also offers a comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 signals, providing North American broadcasters with the same quality assurance for both standards from a single dashboard. The Vision 5 release also builds in a detailed analytics platform to help users access underlying information on performance across the media supply chain through to the delivery point.

“Qligent Vision’s probe environments are infinitely scalable from single stream deployments to high scale MVPD and Telco environments,” said John Shoemaker, Director of Sales and Business Development, Qligent, who adds that one customer has scaled its Vision architecture to actively monitor
tens of millions of endpoints.

“The Vision 5 toolset provides value far beyond traditional monitoring by incorporating tools for commercial proof of play, advanced recording and restreaming capabilities, and tools for contract compliance to ensure media shared between media distribution partners always hits target QoE/QoS parameters. Vision 5’s ability to scale from single on-prem infrastructure through a multi-cloud deployment ensures that customers always have visibility of their content delivery whether it is out to the transmitter,
or through to content delivery points for cable, satellite and OTT subscribers.”


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Qligent Brings Station to Nation Vision Microservices to NAB Show 2024