qibb presents extended integration platform

  • 13 September, 2023


The most powerful version of its integration platform for media workflows on show at at IBC2023.

GER/NED: More nodes and new features: At this year's IBC trade fair in Amsterdam, qibb will present the most powerful version of its integration platform for media workflows. With now more than 100 integrated applications and new functionalities, qibb underlines its status as the largest and completely independent cloud-based platform for the media industry.

The qibb team will showcase for the first time the expanded functionality of its cloud-based integration platform for media workflows to the public at this year’s IBC show in Amsterdam. Visitors of the trade fair (September 15-18, 2023) can get an impression of qibb’s services with features like the Flow Editor, Dashboard System and Workflow Security in hall 10 at booth C43.

The library of now over 100 pre-integrated applications and new flow templates confirm qibb’s position
as the largest and most powerful integration platform in the media industry. The updates enable fast integrations and easy maintenance for professional use cases such as editing, archiving or playout and is unique in its size on the market. This new level of flexibility allows users to build automated workflows even faster and more cost-effectively.

Jonas Michaelis, CEO at qibb: “Now with 100 pre-built integrations, qibb provides the largest number of connectors to a vast variety of media applications. Paired with our low-code approach, this makes qibb the easiest and most cost-effective solution to integrate end-to-end media workflows.”

In the area of generative artificial intelligence (AI), numerous new integrations enable the automatic creation and analysis of digital content, such as automated voice-over translation, TV presenter generation, intelligent highlight extraction and more. This high speed in developing new integrations and use cases unlocks the vast potential of new technologies such as generative AI to all qibb customers. In addition, the Secret Manager allows users to securely store and manage credentials of external services in a centralized location and makes them accessible for multiple workflows. Designed for user-friendliness, this new feature simultaneously enhances security and reduces the likelihood of security vulnerabilities. Moreover, the Secret Manager mitigates the risk of data breaches or accidental exposure of confidential information.

Roman Holzhause, CTO at qibb: “With the Secret Manager, we've simplified the task of modifying settings and parameters across numerous workflows with a user-friendly, single-interface approach. This makes it a perfect new example for our qibb approach to support our customers with building and maintaining workflows, managing sensitive data, and in all cases enabling more effective teamwork and project management."

qibb can deliver project results within days and therefore can increase not only the time-to-market, but also the return on invests by saving up to 60 percent of integration costs. The advantages of adopting qibb include the freedom from vendor dependence, increased automation resulting in fewer errors, the ability to develop and manage integrations, and the removal of data silos by integrating tools across the entire media supply chain.


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qibb presents extended integration platform