PTZOptics Hive Wins Product of the Year Award

  • 19 April, 2024


USA: PTZOptics, renowned for its industry-leading PTZ camera solutions, announces that PTZOptics Hive, its pioneering remote production system, has clinched the coveted NAB Show Product of the Year Award
in the Remote Production category. The accolade was bestowed during a special ceremony held at the
Las Vegas Convention Center as a highlight of the 2024 NAB Show, a premier event that showcases
the most impactful and innovative products in the broadcast and media sector.

PTZOptics Hive is transforming the approach to remote camera operations for broadcasters and video professionals worldwide. This cloud-based platform enables the management and control of PTZ cameras from any global location, offering unmatched operational flexibility and efficiency.

“Receiving this award underscores our dedication to pioneering within the broadcasting sphere,” stated Paul Richards, Chief Revenue Officer at PTZOptics. “PTZOptics Hive leads the charge with groundbreaking advancements that redefine content creation, distribution, and monetization. It’s a standout solution that empowers producers and engages audiences like never before.”

Equipped with features such as auto-tracking, universal color correction, and compatibility with numerous camera brands including Sony, Panasonic, Lumens, and AVer, PTZOptics Hive simplifies the production of superior video content. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features ensure that users of all skill levels can achieve professional-grade results with ease.

“We’re honored by this recognition from the esteemed panel at the NAB Show,” expressed Tess Protesto, Content Team Manager at PTZOptics. “Designed to cater to the dynamic requirements of today’s producers and broadcasters, PTZOptics Hive provides the tools needed for delivering exceptional content. This award motivates us to continually innovate and expand the possibilities within remote production.”

Currently in BETA, PTZOptics Hive will be available for shipping starting June 3rd.
Click here for more details on how PTZOptics Hive can enhance your video production capabilities.

PTZOptics is at the forefront of broadcast-quality cameras and live streaming equipment, developing systems that bring high-quality video production within easy reach of broadcasters, video producers,
and content creators worldwide. Renowned for their affordability and adaptability, PTZOptics’ solutions
are perfectly suited for a variety of applications across broadcast, corporate, education, and
professional live streaming settings.

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PTZOptics Hive Wins Product of the Year Award