PTZOptics at ISE 2024

  • 24 January, 2024


USA: Experience the forefront of PTZ technology with PTZOptics at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2024, where we'll showcase an array of innovative solutions at Hall 5 - Booth #5D530. Highlights include the advanced new features of the Move 4K, the Move SE, Link 4K, Studio Pro, and the SuperJoy controller.
This diverse lineup demonstrates PTZOptics' commitment to catering to various video production needs. The spotlight, however, is particularly on the upcoming features of the Move 4K firmware, poised to bring groundbreaking advancements in PTZ camera technology.

A major highlight is the Move 4K's enhanced auto-tracking technology. In the new firmware, each subject within the tracking area will be uniquely identified in the web interface, allowing for precisely marked subject tracking. This smart system, complemented by an intuitive bounding box, ensures distraction-free outputs across various feeds, including SDI, HDMI, USB, and NDI. This is particularly crucial in dynamic environments where accurate subject tracking is essential.

The Move 4K will also introduce composition framing for auto-tracking, offering options to frame subjects to the left, right, or center. This feature ensures that the subject remains perfectly positioned within the scene, enhancing the production quality. The camera seamlessly adjusts to keep the subject in the desired frame, offering operators more control over the composition.

Move SE, Move 4K, and Link 4K cameras.

Another exciting update is the introduction of Auto-Tracking Zoom Levels, featuring four new zoom modes: Dynamic, Close-Up, Medium, and Long Shot. Dynamic Zoom Mode gives operators full control over optical zoom during auto-tracking, perfect for dynamic framing. The other modes provide consistent framing options, catering to various production styles.

The 'Track Now' feature significantly adds to Move SE and 4K cameras. It initiates immediate subject tracking from the camera's current position, enhancing the standard auto-tracking feature that starts from a pre-defined PTZ preset. This mode adds an extra layer of flexibility and responsiveness, ideal for various production scenarios.

The upcoming firmware will also include an Auto-Tracking Sensitivity feature. This allows users to adjust the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom movements in auto-tracking mode for smoother, more responsive tracking. Additionally, the Auto-Framing feature in the Move 4K cameras will automatically adjust pan, tilt, and zoom to include multiple subjects in the frame, perfect for group scenes. However, it's important to note that Auto-Framing operates independently and cannot be used simultaneously with auto-tracking.

The PTZOptics API G3, another anticipated update, represents a significant advancement in camera control technology. Offering a vast expansion in options, this new API facilitates advanced features like auto-tracking, auto-framing, and subject selection, empowering developers to create more dynamic and customized camera experiences.

The Preset Tour feature enables users to cycle through customized pan, tilt, and zoom presets effortlessly, ideal for environments requiring consistent camera positioning. Additionally, the Privacy Mode is designed for sensitive environments. When activated, it places the camera on standby and turns the lens to face the wall, ensuring complete privacy while keeping the camera ready for quick reactivation.

PTZOptics' SuperJoy controller.

A major addition to the Move 4K cameras is the support for FreeD, a camera tracking data protocol.
This feature allows the integration of PTZ camera position data with systems like Unreal Engine,
facilitating the creation of immersive virtual environments and enhancing live video projects.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2024 is a premier global AV and systems integration event. As the world's largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals, ISE offers a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge audiovisual technology. The event brings manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and technology managers from various sectors, including] education, corporate, entertainment, and hospitality.

At ISE 2024, PTZOptics' Booth #5D530 - Hall 5 will display the new capabilities of the Move 4K camera! These updates are designed with the future in mind, so swing by to get an exclusive look into these new features, which offer enhanced creativity, efficiency, and audience engagement.

This showcase solidifies PTZOptics' position as a leader in the PTZ field, offering a suite of tools
that cater to a wide range of production needs and preferences.

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PTZOptics at ISE 2024