ProDVX and NETGEAR Announce Strategic Partnership

  • 29 January, 2024


USA: NETGEAR and ProDVX are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration between ProDVX, a leading provider of Panel PCs renowned for their reliability, and NETGEAR, a global leader in networking solutions, optimizes ProDVX Panel PC performance while making life easier for system integrators.

By installing NETGEAR’s advanced AV network switches, specifically designed to support a Panel PC’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, customers are assured of a stable and seamless solution.
PoE combines data and electrical power transmission over Ethernet cables, simplifying cabling for devices like ProDVX Panel PCs. The network switch injects the power, and the Panel PC receives both power
and data through PoE-compatible ports.

Logical collaboration
The decision to partner with each other is a strategic one, driven by the shared commitment to providing customers with reliable and easy-to-use solutions. ProDVX and NETGEAR recognize the importance of stability and simplicity in the AV industry, making this collaboration a logical step forward.

Empowering Connectivity with NETGEAR Switches
ProDVX has officially certified select NETGEAR AV switches that support PoE. As ProDVX’s preferred supplier of network switches, NETGEAR offers integrators the advantage of an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution. With this solution, integrators save important time while unlocking the full potential of PoE. Whether for small buildings or large enterprise-like installations, PoE ensures a streamlined and efficient power and data delivery system, greatly simplifying installations and enhancing the overall user experience.

Certified NETGEAR Switches
NETGEAR switches officially certified by ProDVX Panel PCs with PoE functionality include:

  • GMS4212PX - 8x PoE+ (220W) + 2x 1GB
  • GSM4248P - 40x PoE+ (480W)
  • GSM4230UP - 24x PoE++ (1440W)
  • GSM4230PX - 24x PoE+ (480W)
  • GSM4210PD - 8x PoE+ (110W)

Discover the Joint Solutions at ISE 2024
At ISE 2024 visitors will have the opportunity to learn everything about this partnership at ProDVX
booth 3H100, where ProDVX products are installed using certified NETGEAR network switches.

Additionally, ProDVX and NETGEAR are proud to announce their official ISE networking event at
ProDVX’s booth 3H100, taking place on Wednesday from 16:00 to 18:00. Customers are invited
to stop by for drinks, snacks, and tapas. Register for free access to ISE using this link.

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ProDVX and NETGEAR Announce Strategic Partnership