Point Source Audio SERIES9 Microphones Bring Beethoven Back to Life

  • 26 June, 2023


Park Hyo Shin in Beethoven Secret Musical.

KOR: In one of its first live uses, Point Source Audio’s new SERIES9 subminiature microphone collection delivered the clarity and performance required to ensure audiences would experience every nuance of the world premiere of Beethoven Secret. The original musical took to the stage for a three-month run at the Seoul Arts Center with a stellar cast sharing the duties for the main roles including Park Hyo-shin who delivered a high impact performance in the title role on opening night.

The rock opera took seven years for the Grammy-winning partnership of playwright Michael Kunze and composer Sylvester Levay to develop. It covers a two-year period during Ludwig van Beethoven’s 40's and focuses on his secret love life with a woman named Antonie Brentano who scholars widely speculate to be “the eternally beloved” referenced in letters found in his room after his death. It features lyrics added to some of the composer’s best-known melodies to help tell the story of this troubled period in Beethoven’s life.

The musical was developed with EMK Musical Company and Korea was chosen for the world premiere due to its receptiveness to reimagining classical music on the modern theatre stage. For the first run, the main roles were shared between six well-known actors. The role of Beethoven alternated between Park Hyo-shin, Park Eun-tae and Kai, while Jo Jung-eun, Ock Joo-hyun and Yoon Gong-joo each played the role of Antonie.

A high-quality yet discreet microphone was required to support the vocal skills of the talented cast.
The new SERIES9 subminiature collection with its ability to deliver high sound pressure levels alongside incredible sensitivity and long-lasting durability was an obvious choice for the production.

Available in lavalier, earmount and headset styles, SERIES9 offers 142 dB maximum SPL combined with -39 dB sensitivity. On top of this, the IP 57 waterproof rated mics have 360˚ bendable booms, 180˚ reversible earhooks and 12,000 bend-tested connectors. These factors combined with the ability to clean the whole system in 70% isopropyl alcohol make it a powerful solution for any theatrical performance.

The opening night world premiere saw famed Korean singer Park Hyo-shin take on the lead role and SERIES9 ensured that every nuance of his voice could be heard by the audience. Commenting on the performance, professional vocal coach Oh Young-chan was amazed by Park's advancement and believes that in this performance, elements of pop singing, musical theatre singing and classical vocal techniques were all evident.

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Point Source Audio SERIES9 Microphones Bring Beethoven Back to Life