PlayBox Neo Unveils Enhanced Multi Playout Manager

  • 17 February, 2022


The new PlayBox Neo MPM user interface.

BGR: PlayBox Neo announces major enhancements to its Multi Playout Manager (MPM) broadcast playout monitoring and control system, including a totally new user interface and integrated playout preview.

"The enhanced MPM builds on two decades of experience which we have gained in IP-based system control”, says PlayBox Neo CTO Stanislav Petkov pictured. "Newly optimized performance combined with fully integrated playout preview makes remote control and monitoring more efficient and easier than ever. At MPM's front end is a new web-based user interface with an eye-friendly dark background, designed to match the GUIs used across the entire PlayBox Neo series."

"MPM is a trusted and proven network workflow solution which enables multiple operators to function remotely or locally as a coordinated team," adds CEO Pavlin Rahnev. "These latest refinements will ensure it remains the preferred choice for the global PlayBox Neo system customer base."  

PlayBox Neo MPM allows multiple AirBox Neo-20 channels to be operated via IP remotely from any place in the world, home, distant office or any network-connected location. Control features accessible within MPM include on-the-fly playlist changes, manual triggering of events, user-configurable presets for pushbutton access to logos, IP router control and subsidiary tools such as graphics/text control.

User/operator management permissions can be assigned at various levels from viewer to administrator. A built in web-based playlist editor enables users to create future playlists. MPM also provides support for custom metadata from AirBox Neo-20 and includes a library module for fast access to MAM. Media files can be drag-and-drop moved from library to playlist or processed into multiple folders with customized metadata settings such as category and folder color. A supervisor can also custom-brand the MPM user interface with an organization’s or channel's logo.

The new PlayBox Neo Multi Playout Manager is available now.

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PlayBox Neo Unveils Enhanced Multi Playout Manager