Pixotope enables VideoReport Canarias to expand its virtual production offering

  • 28 April, 2021


NOR: Pixotope, the world’s leading mixed reality solution for live media production, has enabled VideoReport Canarias, a regional news and entertainment broadcasting services provider in Spain, to expand its virtual production offering in six months. This is the first time a Spanish local TV channel has adopted real-time augmented reality content techniques. 

VideoReport Canarias is the broadcasting services provider of a number of well-known media broadcasters in Spain, including RadioTelevision Canaria. VideoReport Canarias partnered with Pixotope to find a more resource-friendly and visually stimulating way of producing live TV. Working through Pixotope’s distributor in Spain, Tangram, and VideoReport Canarias’ supplier and system integrator, Bienvenido Gil (BGL), an entirely new show format was created for RadioTelevision Canaria’s daily primetime weather show, Una Hora Menos.

“Innovation has always been at the core of VideoReport Canarias. This is why we were excited to introduce virtual reality in our sets, specifically in our prime time show. What motivated us to use Pixotope was that we thought it was a great solution, affordable and pretty quick to turnaround in time”, comments Anuska Simón Gómez, General Manager at VideoReport Canarias.

Moving away from traditional talk-show production sets with expensive LED screen displays and changing stage fixtures and furniture, Una Hora Menos went from a small costly production set that had limited stage resources and a single camera operation to a versatile and multi-camera operation studio that can produce a limitless number of stage scenarios to assist in the shows’ news reporting and creative storytelling.

“Pixotope allows us to save money and time by providing an incredibly versatile set in just a few square meters, where there’s no limit for creativity. This is a great advantage for the viewers. The format of the show has improved significantly. We design imaginary situations where the audience is involved, making the experience more engaging and fun. Our show’s ratings are proof that viewers enjoy the content we produce”, concludes Gómez.   

Despite geographic distance, Pixotope was able to provide remote and on-location support throughout every step of the implementation process as virtual production began to ramp up. 

Philippe Vignal, Director of Business Development, EMEA at Pixotope, says: “Virtual production is not a science, it is a craft and every studio, broadcaster or event is unique. In developing our relationships with Tangram, VideoReport Canarias and BGL, we were helping them grow their level of knowledge while also being that first line of support. It was really exciting to see VideoReport Canarias excel at developing new and more creative virtual sets, with us providing them additional knowledge through Tangram and BGL when required”.

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Pixotope enables VideoReport Canarias to expand its virtual production offering