Peter Barber Appointed as Atomos COO

  • 15 February, 2024


Industry veteran with over thirty years’ experience in production and post-production joins Atomos team
as COO and Executive Director.


AUS: Atomos announces the appointment of Peter Barber as COO and Executive Board Director with immediate effect.

Peter is an industry veteran with over thirty years’ experience in production and post-production, including three years at Apple Computer where he was responsible for the rollout of Final Cut Pro and other video solutions in Asia Pacific. As co-founder and co-owner of Blackmagic Design, Peter played a key role in growing that business and drove the M&A strategy which saw him lead and negotiate the acquisition
of seven businesses over an eight-year period.

“I’m very excited to be involved in a leadership role in a publicly listed company, with all the additional resources, and challenges, that this brings,” commented Barber. “Throughout much of my working life
I have been designing video workflows, and sharing democratizing tools that empower creatives,
something that resonates strongly with a company like Atomos.”

“Creative professionals work in a demanding, fast paced industry, so they need reliable products and workflows to help them grow their clientele and revenue. I am fortunate to have worked in both the creative services world as well as being a solution provider, giving me a strong connection to our customers' needs and expectations.”

“Although the company’s recent history has been difficult, our customers have continued to support
the brand due to the uniqueness of our products and the important role they play in professional video workflows,” he added. “I firmly believe that with time, the right resources, refocused product strategies and the reinvigoration of Atomos’ core DNA with the return of founder Jeromy Young, we will have a very solid basis to grow beyond the company’s previous success. Having known Jeromy for almost 20 years, including working together at Blackmagic Design, we have a very similar view of the video industry
and the direction it is headed.”

“I feel like a founder in the rebirth of Atomos, and I must say that I’m thrilled to be joining and investing
in another Australian company that has created a global impact, with a great brand” said Barber,
“The immediate focus is to grow sales of Atomos’ world-class products, while strengthening
and adding to the product range and technology services available to creative professionals
all over the world, with an eye on expanding into adjacent markets.”

Jeromy Young, Co-founder of Atomos, who returned to the business as Managing Director and CEO at
the start of the year commented: “Peter and I are two sides of a coin, equally important and extremely
complementary. I very much look forward to working with Peter to return Atomos to a leadership technology position, yielding both growth and profit for our shareholders. We are very fortunate to
have someone of Peter’s stature and experience join the Atomos team. Peter is a true global leader.”

This appointment is part of a company restructuring and broader recapitalization process,
including a return to stock market quotation which will be announced to the market in
more detail over the coming weeks.

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Peter Barber Appointed as Atomos COO