Perifery OpenEBS PRO Revolutionizes Kubernetes Datastore

  • 08 November, 2023


New Enterprise-Grade Solution Offers Breakthrough Performance, Resiliency, Security,
and Support for Stateful Workloads.

USA: Perifery™, a division of DataCore, announces the launch of Perifery OpenEBS PRO, a groundbreaking new datastore solution for enterprises using Kubernetes. Perifery OpenEBS PRO offers cutting-edge, enterprise-grade data management by successfully integrating stateful persistence capabilities into the
Kubernetes platform, enabling enterprises to handle mission-critical stateful workloads with
container-native storage.

"Kubernetes is an exceptional platform for deploying stateless applications such as microservices and machine learning; however, it is not designed to handle persistent datastores required by traditional stateful workloads," said Abhi Dey, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Perifery. "Perifery OpenEBS PRO addresses this critical gap by integrating stateful persistence capabilities into Kubernetes and provides a holistic solution with enterprise-level flash performance, resiliency, data security, and global support."

Perifery OpenEBS PRO is based on OpenEBS, the most ubiquitously deployed stateful persistent
open-source datastore platform in the Kubernetes market, with more than 500,000 users.
Perifery OpenEBS PRO offers a comprehensive array of stateful persistence capabilities for Kubernetes, including cloning, replicated volumes, snapshots, thin provisioning, high performance, virtual datapools, and high availability. The innovative solution empowers enterprises to effortlessly manage stateful workloads, enabling seamless scaling and storage sharing across their entire Kubernetes ecosystem.

According to Gartner, more than 90% of global organizations will be running containerized applications
in production by 2027, a significant increase from fewer than 40% in 2021. Perifery OpenEBS PRO intends
to address these new emerging workloads with its unmatched performance and Kubernetes-native architecture compared to non-native, external legacy solutions.

Keeping with Perifery's commitment to excellence and extending support to enterprise customers,
the company has meticulously designed an extensive array of solutions through the provision of data protection options, bolstered security functionalities, and seamless integration with enterprise-grade data management systems. Perifery OpenEBS PRO provides 24/7 customer support, advanced security protocols, and vigilant monitoring. Furthermore, the solution offers service level agreements that guarantee performance and uptime, along with invaluable indemnification benefits.
Perifery's solution is tailor-made to suit the unique demands of mid-market, government, and large-scale corporate customers, providing them with customized Kubernetes-native datastore services that are second to none in the industry.

Perifery will continue to invest in the development of OpenEBS and support open-source users of OpenEBS via its CNCF OpenEBS project, while addressing the critical needs of the enterprise market with high-level features and data management services on Perifery OpenEBS PRO.

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Perifery OpenEBS PRO Revolutionizes Kubernetes Datastore