Perifery and Cinnafilm Partner

  • 17 November, 2023


New partnership announced to enhance media conversion workflows.

UK: Perifery, a division of DataCore, has announced its partnership with Cinnafilm, a global leader in innovative video and audio rejuvenation and optimization solutions. Following successful testing,
Perifery’s object storage solutions, Object Matrix and Swarm, are now available alongside Cinnafilm’s media transformation platform, PixelStrings. The integration allows users to seamlessly convert and upscale their media assets stored in Object Matrix within the PixelStrings platform.

Object Matrix is a media-focused object storage platform that benefits organizations by modernizing video workflows. It delivers financial and operational efficiency for multiple media-based workflows by providing instant, secure access to all media archive content from anywhere.

PixelStrings can be integrated and configured wherever an organization stores its media assets:
on-premises, data centre, private cloud or public cloud. Built on the foundation of Cinnafilm’s twenty years of industry experience, PixelStrings offers industry-leading apps such as Tachyon and Dark Energy,
the same tools that international studios, production companies, and broadcasters trust on their
most valuable content.

Integrated with Object Matrix, users benefit from more efficient digitization of assets as well as advanced storage features, such as scalable archiving and powerful categorizing and search tools. Media assets converted through PixelStrings are securely stored and preserved in Object Matrix.

“The combination of Object Matrix and PixelStrings allows media teams to optimize the management of those valuable video assets,” said Mark Habberfield, Senior Solutions Architect at Perifery. “Integrating with PixelStrings was a no-brainer; their aim is to enhance the quality of media, and ours is to maintain that media’s integrity. Regardless of file size or specification, our connected solution allows users to confidently convert, store, and access their media files from anywhere.”

Dominic Jackson, Vice-President of Product, Cinnafilm, added: “We’re very pleased to add the option of using Object Matrix for our existing and future customers. PixelStrings is a leading solution for standards conversion and other media transformation processes and, as such, is designed to work with our customers’ preferred storage platforms. Adding Object Matrix to our network brings added value
to our customers, who are looking to enhance both their assets and their workflows.”

Perifery and Cinnafilm will be hosting a joint webinar on December 6 to explore
the integration in more detail.

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Perifery and Cinnafilm Partner