Panopto Certifies Magewell USB, PCIe and M.2 Capture Devices for High-Performance Video Ingest

  • 11 June, 2024


Magewell's USB Capture, USB Capture Plus, Pro Capture and Eco Capture families
officially endorsed for use with Panopto video management solutions.


USA/CHN: Video interface innovator Magewell and video learning leader Panopto have announced that the latter has officially endorsed Magewell's vast array of USB, PCI Express and M.2-based video capture devices for use with Panopto's AI-powered video management solutions for higher education and workforce training. The new Panopto Compatible certification further reinforces Magewell's USB Capture, USB Capture Plus, Pro Capture and Eco Capture families as the preferred choice of systems integrators,
AV professionals and industry partners for bringing high-quality video and audio into market-leading software solutions.

Featuring driver-free installation and automatic input format detection for true plug-and-play operation, Magewell's USB Capture and USB Capture Plus external capture devices enable all types of computers including laptops to easily and reliably bring AV signals into software through a standard USB 3.0 interface. High-performance Pro Capture PCI Express cards are designed for installation in Windows, Mac and Linux computers and are available in single, dual and quad-channel models with a flexible choice of input interfaces and resolutions. Meanwhile, the Eco Capture family of ultra-compact M.2 cards offers
low-latency capture with low power consumption for small and embedded systems where
full-sized PCIe slots are unavailable.

Panopto is an AI-powered video content management platform that simplifies using video to capture information for educational institutions and enterprise teams. Panopto users can share information
via video securely and manage a full library of searchable video-based intelligent knowledge assets,
all in one single platform.

"Magewell video capture devices deliver an excellent combination of reliability, performance and affordability that have made them very popular with our customers over the years," said Dean Offord,
Lead Partner Solutions Engineer at Panopto. "We are pleased to officially certify them for seamless compatibility with our platform and will continue to support product development and updates
as needed to align to the Magewell product line."

"The Panopto platform is highly regarded in the education and enterprise learning markets,
and we're excited that they have reinforced our long-standing interoperability with this new
certification," said Amy Zhou, Director of Sales at Magewell. "Beyond our capture devices,
we look forward to working closely with Panopto to expand the synergies between
our respective solutions."

Panopto, the leading video-learning platform, makes the future of learning flexible for educational
institutions and smarter teams. AI-driven features connect students to accessible coursework and
classrooms and employees to searchable training – wherever they are, whenever they need it.
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Magewell develops innovative, high-performance video I/O and IP workflow solutions that seamlessly bridge signals, software, streams, and screens. The simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Magewell's capture, conversion, and streaming products and SoM boards make them the preferred choice of integrators, end-users, and OEM customers for bringing high-quality AV signals into and out of IP networks and popular software. Magewell solutions power applications including live streaming, event production,
video conferencing, multi-site video distribution, remote learning, medical imaging, and more.

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Panopto Certifies Magewell USB, PCIe and M.2 Capture Devices for High-Performance Video Ingest