Paneda & 2wcom awarded by Arqiva

  • 13 December, 2021


UK: Arqiva launched its first DAB multiplexing platform in November 1999 for the launch of Digital 1, the UK’s first National Commercial DAB licence. The Arqiva DAB multiplexing platform now runs 60 multiplexes across the UK. It has now come time to re-engineer the platform.

In working with all the DAB multiplexing Vendors Arqiva have selected Paneda and 2wcom.

2wcom will provide the technology to bring audio from the studios into the multiplexing centres and will provide the technology on the edge of the transmitter distribution network to support EDI to ETI standards conversion.

Paneda will provide the DAB audio encoding and multiplexing systems in the multiplexing centres on a virtualised compute platform.

Arqiva are very pleased in the way that Paneda and 2wcom have collaborated together to achieve an end-to-end system that meets Arqiva’s requirements to run the largest DAB multiplexing platform in the World.

Paneda and 2wcom were selected by Arqiva because:

  • Their track-records within the broadcast industry for quality and reliability;
  • The superb knowledge they have of Radio and its technical standards;
  • Their shared ambition to produce best-of-breed, scalable and secure media solutions;
  • Most importantly, the people in their organisations.

Simon Mason, Head of Broadcast Radio Technology, from Arqiva said: "Arqiva is confident that in 2wcom and Paneda, Arqiva have trusted partners to help Arqiva to respond to Arqiva’s Customer’s needs as DAB continues to grow in the UK, taking pride in safely delivering hours and hours of painstakingly-crafted Radio content to millions of listeners."

Werner Drews, CEO at 2wcom says: “The whole 2wcom team is pleased about the trust that Arqiva has placed in us. Thanks to the great cooperation with our long-term partner Paneda, nothing stands in the way of a secure and customer-oriented system solution. At 2wcom we are proud to work with Arqiva and Paneda to find a solution that provides millions of listeners with high quality radio content.”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, CEO at Paneda Sweden says: “In addition, being the largest deal through the ages within DAB, the collaboration with Arqiva means a big responsibility which we at Paneda are well prepared for. We look forward to a long and valuable co-operation with Arqiva together with our partner 2wcom. This also proves that our focus on customer needs and our development concept are highly appreciated by our customers.”

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Paneda & 2wcom awarded by Arqiva