Panasonic enhances live video production with addition to Kairos line-up

  • 28 July, 2021


UAE: With virtual and hybrid events becoming the norm, broadcasters and production crews are met with the challenge of delivering audiences the same engaging experience on screen, whether they are attending in-person or remotely. Panasonic has announced new upgrades to its live video production platform- KAIROS offering improved functionality for video production and meeting the demand for a flexible but advanced solution from the burgeoning production industry in the middle east and Africa region.

Panasonic now offers the new KAIROS Core 1000 (AT-KC1000) alongside the current, compact KAIROS Core 100 (AT-KC100) for live video production applications. The advanced live production platform comes with a more powerful mainframe option doubling the processing capacity for twice the total available layers/keys, expanded standard HD and 4K inputs/outputs, and increased video and still image recording capacity.

The new KAIROS Core 1000 mainframe offers more processing power, thanks to increased CPU and GPU capabilities, and enables the platform to be utilised in a broader and more complex range of productions. Thus, pushing further its “unlimited video layers” concept and its capability to manage different scenes simultaneously and broadcast them via a variety of outputs. The GPU’s higher video processing capacity allows full use of the multi-layered video composition and output in high resolution - including 8K video.

KAIROS Core 1000 also expands the system’s standard outputs to 20 HD or five 4K outputs. Also, it offers 4K support and the CANVAS function as standard. The powerful Canvas feature allows the use of non-standard resolutions and formats, for example, making Kairos the best solution to drive 32:9 LED walls or 9:16 content for smartphones, on top of classic 16:9 outputs. With RTP/SRT/RTMP/RTSP streaming to eight inputs, KAIROS Core 1000’s video streaming capabilities have also increased.

“KAIROS platform is highly customisable and encompasses everything needed for any production scenario. An ideal solution for creating engaging and visually stimulating production, KAIROS Core 1000 is a timely solution capable of supporting AV teams connect with their audiences and provide memorable experiences,” commented Hidetoshi Kaneko - Director, System Solutions & Communications Division, PMMAF.

With KAIROS Core 1000, the recording capacity of still images and videos (RAM players, clip player) has been significantly increased. The RAM player’s capacity (uncompressed) increases to 64GB, and approximately 170 seconds of HD video (or 42 seconds of 4K video) can be saved. The clip player (compressed) increases its capacity to 180GB. Approximately 55 minutes of HD video (or 14 minutes of 4K video) can be saved. A total of 12GB of still images can also be saved.

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Panasonic enhances live video production with addition to Kairos line-up