Ostsport.TV Adds TVU Networks Ecosystem

  • 24 October, 2022


USA: TVU Networks, the market and technology technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, announces that Ostsport.TV, as the sole licensee of the exploitation rights and producer of Regionalliga Nordost, has added the TVU Networks Ecosystem and multiple TVU Servers to its live streaming workflow. Ostsport.TV made this decision after successful tests using the existing TVU One’s  and TVU Servers for streaming  the global leading football app OneFootball as well as in pay-per-view offerings at newspaper publishers Funke Gruppe Thüringen and Ostsee Zeitung.

Ostsport.TV uses the TVU equipment to distribute live camera streams from the stadiums to regional TV stations, to its own website, and others. For this purpose, a point-to-point connection is established with mobile TVU One units, with the camera transmission being sent to a TVU Server.

Ostsport.TV’s commentators are also responsible for operating the live digital streaming workflow. “Because the workflow is so intuitive, our commentators have no problems managing the production and commenting on the action on the field at the same time,” said Robert Karehnke, Managing Director of Ostsport.TV. "With TVU Workflow as the backbone of our system, we can be confident that our live streams will be delivered in broadcast quality without delay, no matter what the conditions. That means a lot to us."

The TVU One transmitter simultaneously aggregates up to 12 data links from networks in more than 180 countries - including cellular 3G/4G/5G LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band satellites, microwave and BGAN - and automatically integrates all available infrastructure to deliver stable, broadcast-quality video from any location. The TVU server is a dedicated live stream server that allows users to view, manage and monitor all feeds from a central location. With the server’s Smart VBR technology, it adapts to bandwidth fluctuations during the live broadcast and automatically adjusts the picture quality to the available bandwidth. From the TVU server, the broadcast can be output to SDI, a third-party website or a CDN.

"Ostsports is committed to providing the best live coverage to its viewers, and we are proud to help them achieve their goals," said Rafael Castillo, General Manager/Vice President, EMEA and Latin America, TVU Networks. "Next-generation solutions like TVU One, paired with our TVU Server, ensure Ostsports has the most stable connections and the best possible video quality from every venue in the country."


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Ostsport.TV Adds TVU Networks Ecosystem