OSA Deploys Riedel Comms for The American Rodeo

  • 02 May, 2023


OSA International Deployed Riedel Comms to Support Behind-the-Scenes Communications for Teton Ridge's
The American Rodeo at Texas Rangers Stadium.

GER: Riedel Communications has announced that OSA International, a world-class supplier of entertainment technology, event productions, and systems integrations, deployed a Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom system to support all behind-the-scenes communications for Teton Ridge's The American Rodeo, held the second week of March at Texas Rangers Stadium. Produced by Executive Visions for a live audience and for streaming and broadcast, the event featured competition in 11 Western sporting disciplines and four nights of music entertainment.

"OSA has trusted Riedel ever since we started working with the company's intercom systems for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship and ESPN X Games," said Carmen P. Educate, Executive Vice President at OSA. "For this project, we knew that Riedel's products would provide the performance and versatility we needed to support all areas of production. We were able to augment the stadium's existing infrastructure with a more robust backbone, and that gave us 100% flexibility in placing panels and positions as needed."

Three Artist nodes and additional Bolero antennas and beltpacks supplied by OSA facilitated robust communications across the venue during production of The American Rodeo. With Artist as the backbone of communications across the stadium, OSA could connect different lines at a moment's notice by deploying panels in different positions. Integrating smoothly with the existing antenna infrastructure, Bolero added more range to the venue's overall communications. Together, they enabled a cohesive workflow that involved all broadcast and venue entities and allowed teams to communicate using the same infrastructure.

As both a rodeo and a concert, the four-day event hosted performances by artists including Sheryl Crow, Darius Rucker, Cody Johnson, and Maren Morris. Riedel's Artist and Bolero systems helped more than 50 users communicate behind the scenes during these performances, allowing performers and crews to stay in sync throughout; facilitating the movement of performers through different green rooms; and ensuring timely movement of production elements around the venue. Set up of the rig and overall deployment took just four days total.

"OSA has been a great partner over the years, and it was fantastic to step into this project for Executive Visions and Teton Ridge's The American Rodeo together," said Joyce Bente, President - CEO, The Americas at Riedel Communications. "The event is an American cultural touchstone, and its unique combination of fast-paced competition and live entertainment made it the perfect fit for our Artist and Bolero intercom systems."

Further information about Riedel and the company's products is available at riedel.net
Video footage of the event setup can be seen here, and the full event can be watched here.


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OSA Deploys Riedel Comms for The American Rodeo