openGear® Leader Partners to Feature New, Robust ProAV Solutions at ISE 2024

  • 23 January, 2024


CAN: openGear® Leader Partners will be showcasing their newest openGear-compatible products during the Integrated Systems Europe Conference (ISE) 2024, announced Ross Video, the company behind the open-architecture, modular frame system. AJA Video Systems, Apantac, Cobalt Digital, MultiDyne,
Ross Video, and VITEC will demonstrate on the show floor and their websites how the openGear platform supports the deployment of best-of-breed technologies within the DashBoard common control and monitoring ecosystem.

New this year, the openGear frame will be on display and in use at the HDBaseT Alliance stand 2P500. openGear Leader Partner Apantac’s two new HDBaseT 3 extenders and receivers for transmitting uncompressed 4K, 2K, HD, 3D, audio, and control signals (RS232, IR), controlled with HDBaseT technology - will be featured and demonstrated on the HDBaseT stand.

“The industry standard platform of choice for modular signal processing, openGear, being featured at the alliance of the proAV industry’s premier connectivity solution, HDBaseT, is symbolic of how flexible, user-friendly, and robust the openGear cards, frame, and DashBoard are to systems integrators all over the world,” said Bill Rounopoulos, Business Development Manager, OEM & Partnerships, Ross Video.

openGear Leader Partners currently slated to attend ISE 2024 include AJA (4F100), Apantac (5H600),
Ross Video (5J880), and VITEC (5C300). Cobalt will be showcasing its openGear solutions at MultiDyne will showcase its openGear solutions at

Leader Partners will showcase these openGear solutions and more at ISE 2024:

  • AJA Video Systems (ISE stand 4F100) will feature its latest 12G-SDI openGear cards, which pack all the functionality of AJA’s popular 12G-SDI audio and HDMI conversion solutions into an openGear rack frame-compatible form factor. Designed to meet the demands of high resolution, high frame rate workflows, OG-12G-AM and OG-12G-AMA enable 16 channels (8 2-channel pairs) of AES and analog audio embedding/disembedding respectively, and support 12G-SDI input and output up to 4K/UltraHD. AJA OG-Hi5-12G and OG-HA5-12G facilitate 12G-SDI conversion to and from HDMI, and are also available in LC and ST Fiber models. Each hot-swappable card is built for use in high-density openGear 2RU frames, including the OG-X-FR.
  • Apantac (ISE stand 5H600) expands its openGear ProAV card portfolio, including high-performance SDVoE (Software Defined Video-over-Ethernet) cards that support HDMI 2.0 over fiber or copper. These cards can work as standalone extenders or in an AV over IP environment as matrix switches. The new HDMI KVM extender/receiver openGear boards are based on HDBaseT 3 technology and extend keyboard, mouse, HDMI, and USB 2.0, with support for 4K 60 Hz. The new HDBaseT 3 extender/receiver set are high-density openGear boards that are designed to fit 20 transmitters or
    20 receivers in a 2RU openGear frame, which will also be showcased on its ISE stand. These boards let you extend HDMI sources, ethernet, and controls using HDBaseT technology, and over a long-distance cable.
  • COBALT will feature its PACIFIC Compression line, which is a software-defined upgradeable ultra low-latency encoder / decoder platform that offers support for MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC, and 4K and provides advanced network options. The PACIFIC ULL-DEC openGear® card is capable of decoding with less than 10 milliseconds of latency and can either decode 1 stream up to 4K, or 2 streams up to 3G.
    It supports an extensive set of audio codecs and network protocols, including RIST. When combined with the PACIFIC 9992-ENC encoder, this solution can achieve an end-to-end latency of less than 1 frame. Both cards are offered in a standard openGear form factor and draw less than 20W of power.
  • MultiDyne is planning the mid-2024 launch of their openGear JPEG-XS Codecs and ST-2110 Gateway cards, known as the MDoG-6061s and MDoG-6060s respectively. The MDoG-6061 JPEG-XS encoders and decoders support up to two channels of 12G-SDI via TR-08 and provide 2022-7 redundancy over dual 10G Network interfaces. The MDoG-6060 Gateways are available in multiple I/O configurations including 6Ч2 and 2Ч6 3G-SDI and 1Ч1, 2Ч0 and 0x2 12G-SDI versions. These cards also support 2022-7 redundancy and provide dual 25GbE Networks interfaces. With the ability to house up to five cards in an openGear frame, users can get up to 30 3G/HD-SDI signals on or off a ST 2110 network. Contact to learn more.
  • Ross Video (ISE stand 5J880), in addition to showcasing their LED solutions, will highlight their Quorum meeting control solution for governments, legislators, and corporations. Quorum is completely based on the DashBoard system and offers both ease of use and the level of customization possible with openGear DashBoard.
  • VITEC (ISE stand 5C300) will showcase its EZ TV and Avedia IPTV distribution solutions fed by its openGear IP video products. Powered by MGW Diamond openGear card series, live video feeds are encoded in HEVC or H.264 for in-house or remote IPTV distribution. MGW Diamond encoders support MPEG2, MPEG4, and HEVC encoding and handle a variety of professional video distribution protocols: UDP transport protocols, SRT, ZIXI, RIST, as well as RMTP for OTT delivery.

Adopted by dozens of manufacturers offering hundreds of signal processing solutions, the openGear platform supports a wide range of modular infrastructure solutions including distribution, conversion, branding, audio, data, fiber, timing, and more in a compact, economical frame. Because the platform is architected to meet the most complex processing demands of evolving IP and UHD applications,
users can choose from a multitude of signal types and formats from analog to UHD to IP.

Available free of charge, DashBoard software provides a unified control system across openGear products from all manufacturers. This allows for easy setup, monitoring, alarms, and management.
The CustomPanel panel builder within DashBoard makes it easy to create custom workflows
across multiple products to suit specific workflow requirements.

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openGear® Leader Partners to Feature New, Robust ProAV Solutions at ISE 2024