Octopus Newsroom’s High Performance and Major Upcoming Release

  • 07 April, 2022


CZE: Octopus Newsroom, among the top 3 NRCS providers worldwide, continues to offer innovative solutions for a wide variety of broadcasting operations.

"As the broadcast industry evolves, Octopus evolves to keep up with and establish its own trends. As a result, we’re bringing our consumers a game changer. We’re offering a new take on storytelling.” said Gabriel Janko, COO and Sales Director at Octopus. "Join our online event on April 13th, 2022, to witness our major launch and learn more about the company’s offerings."

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Octopus NRCS, a flagship newsroom computer system, provides users with the tools to masterfully command their news production. It is the heart of every newsroom. With a powerful feature set, it drives script-to-screen show production. Collaborative features, remote production capabilities, and state of the art integration empower organizations to produce meaningful stories.

It is now utilized in over 300 newsrooms across the world. Recent success stories in the United States with Broadcast Beat, Europe with WELT, BILD TV, and Avrotros, and APAC with News Nation and VTV Cable illustrate outstanding production using this system. Customers praise Octopus’ integration with a number of newsroom technologies for enabling plug-in-less operations, multisite production, and story-centric workflows.

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Octopus Newsroom also addresses the demands of current news, sports, WebTV, and radio customers requiring solutions to plan work inside the newsroom, foster collaboration, and acquire often-inaccessible video footage from crowd reporters.

KO:R is a multiplatform cloud-based planning and collaboration tool suitable for every newsroom that would like to improve their planning processes, without replacing their existing news production systems. It makes it possible for newsrooms to plan, do, and track work using one platform.

Additionally, iReporter is a professional video gathering platform that facilitates the exchange of multimedia content between organizations and crowd reporters. Videos offered by this product are fresh and unique as it extends the reach of typical camera crews. As well as empowering broadcasters to directly engage with contributors and put them at the center of your storytelling.


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Octopus Newsroom’s High Performance and Major Upcoming Release