NOA Helps Broadcasters Stay on Top of Advancing Technology

  • 07 March, 2023


AUT: AV digitizing and archiving specialists NOA GmbH continues to assist its partners worldwide in benefiting from continually evolving technology, such as transitioning towards next-gen IT hardware, virtualized environments, most recent and stable operating systems as well as adapting to changing regulations.

Through renewable maintenance contracts and by basing its solutions on locally available, standard vanilla IT components, NOA enables its clients to easily upgrade and/or migrate existing systems towards the latest approved platforms. NOA reliance on standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology for its runtime environments virtually guarantees the possibility to continually upgrade existing installations and thus allows clients to easily adapt to necessary measures such as installing latest OS patches, which is often required from a security point of view as well as for consolidation needs when it comes to other hardware upgrades such as virtualization.

An archive system today can consist of some 5000+ concurrent users and may comprise many servers and workstations. Over the years, NOA has seen up to five platform migrations at various clients. With manufacturers like e.g. Microsoft constantly updating their technology, NOA’s model of not requiring proprietary servers or workstations ensures that third party hardware and the system built on it keeps on working reliably. This results in a considerable cost-saving potential for clients and since many systems are already set up in virtual environments also includes benefits from an environmental point of view.

“A continuous maintenance contract is a meaningful reassurance as it adds longevity and continuity to operations. Our software has been running for over 20 years because we keep adapting it,” says NOA’s Managing Partner, Jean-Christophe Kummer. “Our backbone runs on standard off-the-shelf nonproprietary IT systems and hardware which can be procured in every country and by every client via existing framework contract suppliers. This removes any risk for the client to work worldwide with NOA systems.”

Most recently MTVA in Hungary signed a four-year maintenance contract with NOA, and Romanian Radio also renewed its maintenance contract. This follows on the heels of Austrian Mediathek, Swedish Radio, National Library of Finland, SRG Archives, RTV Slovenia, Bulgarian National Radio and Sharjah Broadcasting Authority also extending and upgrading their years-long contracts.

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NOA Helps Broadcasters Stay on Top of Advancing Technology