Net Insight wins synchronization order for critical network

  • 31 January, 2023


SWE: A new government customer in Europe has placed an order for Net Insight’s 5G synchronization solution at a value of SEK 1 million, as an initial phase deployment.

The new customer’s solution required GNSS independence, the ability to handle heterogeneous and challenging network environments and to function with military grade encryption. Careful evaluation on the customer’s part showed that Net Insight’s Precision TimeNet was the only alternative that could match all the specific conditions. The competitive advantages are its unique overlay qualities combined with high accuracy and security even over an extended network, including embedded encryption.

“Even though this is a new customer segment for Net Insight’s 5G synchronization, it also shows the fusion of networks, services and applications that 5G and 6G enables. The requirements are strict, as the network synchronization is supporting critical services and we are pleased and excited that our solution has proved itself to be performing under these challenging environments,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight.

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Net Insight wins synchronization order for critical network