ND SATCOM Secures Major Asian Defence Projects in Year-End High

  • 08 March, 2021


GER: ND SATCOM’s established reputation in the defence industry for high security, reliability and engineering innovation underpinned new deals with a major Asian country. These defence industry customers also rely on ND SATCOM’s respected reputation for discretion given the highly critical and sensitive nature of governmental defence operations. 

Mission-critical new features and capabilities clinched the deals, in particular True-Mesh ACM, Any-to-All Mesh functionality and full DVB Redundancy. With the recent launch of SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0; the unique selling feature of True-Mesh ACM garnered much attention. Providing the highest link reliability regardless of weather, ND SATCOM’s exclusive True-Mesh ACM provides 64x boost throughput with a single hop even from remote-to-remote. This game-changing innovation convinced decision-makers of ND SATCOM’s continuing edge in the satellite communication sphere. Complementing this is the ability to flexibly decide on network topology via three modem types within the same 1U hardware: Hubless true-mesh MF-TDMA, DVB-S2 or the new SCPC links with highly efficient point-to-point connection. The 4-year software support package with this release ensures business continuity and cybersecurity.

Other highlights in ND SATCOM’s technology arsenal that secured these projects included ND SATCOM’s Any-to-All Mesh functionality. Governmental defence customers understand its enormous relevance and leading advantages such as Quality of Experience (QoE). ND SATCOM also features hubs in “hot-hot” standby whereby geo redundancy occurs in milliseconds, an almost instantaneous switch to ensure seamless communication in mission-critical networks. As well, the new full DVB Redundancy is representing the next generation of security and flexibility that defence customers seek. 

“The new full DVB Redundancy, an advanced customer-specific adaption of our SKYWAN DVB option, gained immediate traction,” said Michael Weixler, Director of Product Management and Training. “Featuring DVB-S2 transmitters at two different locations is transformative for tactical networks. Strong interest was also registered for our advanced option featuring two DVB-S2 transmitters in one location. Together with all our latest innovations, we have raised the bar again for seamless satellite communication no matter the location, no matter the conditions.”  

ND SATCOM is creating a new dimension in satellite communications and shaping the future of the connected world.


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ND SATCOM Secures Major Asian Defence Projects in Year-End High