MultiDyne Updates its SilverBULLET Series to Serve More Fiber-Optic Links

  • 19 April, 2024


USA: MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions introduced the second generation of its SilverBULLET series, at the recent NAB Show. The newest version of the patented, miniature fiber-optic link and signal conversion solution is an evolution from the first generation, with new benefits including agnostic signal support
from 5Mbps to 12Gbps.

MultiDyne’s SilverBULLET transmitters and receivers are built for a variety of purposes, from 24/7 broadcast applications to specialty use cases where small footprint and a ruggedized form factor are key design requirements. They are also highly portable and economical, making them equally useful for last-minute SDI video feeds to AES and MADI audio feeds. SilverBULLETs are also last-minute problem solvers that can repair a failed connection or address an unexpected transport requirement. Each device is encased in machined aluminum for optimal durability, which also makes them ideal for critical situations.

The SilverBULLET is 12G-capable for high-bandwidth, single-link transport to and from any video source. Built-in cable equalization and re-clocking optimizes signal integrity across all short- and long-distance transport, reducing the presence of existing jitter from input signals. The SilverBULLET supports all SDI rates down to 5Mbps, making them a flexible tool for courtesy feeds, confidence monitoring, distance learning, and other broadcast and commercial AV applications.

The updated SilverBULLET can equalize up to 75m of coax at 12G and 200m at 3G, and has an integrated optical power meter on receiver units. Power input is wide-ranging, spanning from to 5-16VDC so that they can be powered from simple USB power sources including cameras and monitors. Options include
USB-A and USB-C to miniXLR 4pin power adapter cables, and full-size and HDBNC patch cables.
The new SilverBULLETs can also operate in high-temperature and high-humidity environments.

Frank Jachetta, CEO, MultiDyne adds that later this year the SilverBULLET will be available with a special tray capable of housing multiple transmitting and receiving units with redundant power. “This makes SilverBULLET an ideal solution for fixed broadcast and production studio requirements, along with its portable applications in sports production, remote camera links, pre-fibered venues and interconnects
for mobile production trucks,” he said

With over 46 years of experience serving the Broadcasters and video production communities worldwide, MultiDyne Fiber Optic Systems leads the industry in developing pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, corporate, retail, surveillance, teleconferencing, judicial arraignment, transportation, government, military,
and healthcare markets.

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MultiDyne Updates its SilverBULLET Series to Serve More Fiber-Optic Links